Update: The 19thAve/Eucalyptus incident has cleared. https://t.co/Mbhyo9rVx1 (More: 10 in last 48 hours)

67 BERNAL HEIGHTS Inbound to The Mission Weekday Service

Inbound to The MissionOutbound to Bernal Heights
Weekday ServiceWeekday Service
Saturday ServiceSaturday Service
Sunday ServiceSunday Service
67 BERNAL HEIGHTS - Inbound to The Mission - Weekday Service
Table below shows selected stops and planned service.
For a complete stop list, with links to all stops for stop details and real-time vehicle predictions, please visit Stops/Description section of route page.
Ellsworth St & Crescent AveFolsom St & Cortland AveFolsom St
& Cesar Chavez St
24th St
& Mission St
6:17 am6:20 am6:26 am6:30 am
6:37 am6:40 am6:46 am6:50 am
6:57 am7:00 am7:06 am7:10 am
7:17 am7:20 am7:26 am7:30 am
7:37 am7:40 am7:46 am7:50 am
7:57 am8:00 am8:06 am8:10 am
8:17 am8:20 am8:26 am8:30 am
8:37 am8:40 am8:46 am8:50 am
8:57 am9:00 am9:06 am9:10 am
9:17 am9:20 am9:26 am9:30 am
9:37 am9:40 am9:46 am9:50 am
9:57 am10:00 am10:06 am10:10 am
10:17 am10:20 am10:26 am10:30 am
10:37 am10:40 am10:46 am10:50 am
10:57 am11:00 am11:06 am11:10 am
11:17 am11:20 am11:26 am11:30 am
11:37 am11:40 am11:46 am11:50 am
11:57 am12:00 pm12:06 pm12:10 pm
12:17 pm12:20 pm12:26 pm12:30 pm
12:37 pm12:40 pm12:46 pm12:50 pm
12:57 pm1:00 pm1:06 pm1:10 pm
1:17 pm1:20 pm1:26 pm1:30 pm
1:37 pm1:40 pm1:46 pm1:50 pm
1:57 pm2:00 pm2:06 pm2:10 pm
2:17 pm2:20 pm2:26 pm2:30 pm
2:37 pm2:40 pm2:46 pm2:50 pm
2:57 pm3:00 pm3:06 pm3:10 pm
3:17 pm3:20 pm3:26 pm3:30 pm
3:37 pm3:40 pm3:46 pm3:50 pm
3:57 pm4:00 pm4:06 pm4:10 pm
4:17 pm4:20 pm4:26 pm4:30 pm
4:37 pm4:40 pm4:46 pm4:50 pm
4:57 pm5:00 pm5:06 pm5:10 pm
5:17 pm5:20 pm5:26 pm5:30 pm
5:37 pm5:40 pm5:46 pm5:50 pm
5:57 pm6:00 pm6:06 pm6:10 pm
6:17 pm6:20 pm6:26 pm6:30 pm
6:37 pm6:40 pm6:46 pm6:50 pm
6:57 pm7:00 pm7:06 pm7:10 pm
7:17 pm7:20 pm7:26 pm7:30 pm
7:37 pm7:40 pm7:46 pm7:50 pm
7:57 pm8:00 pm8:06 pm8:10 pm
8:17 pm8:20 pm8:26 pm8:30 pm
8:37 pm8:40 pm8:46 pm8:50 pm
8:57 pm9:00 pm9:06 pm9:10 pm
9:17 pm9:20 pm9:26 pm9:30 pm
9:37 pm9:40 pm9:46 pm9:50 pm
9:57 pm10:00 pm10:06 pm10:10 pm
10:17 pm10:20 pm10:26 pm10:30 pm