Getting Around During Super Bowl 50

The Bay Area hosted Super Bowl 50! Nine days pre-game festivities were celebrated in San Francisco, impacting transportation from January 23 - February 12. Planning ahead and taking transit, biking or walking were the best ways to travel. Refer to our handy guide. | Cómo desplazarse durante el Super Bowl 50 | 第50屆超級杯(Super Bowl 50) 期間如何出行 | Paglalakbay sa Super Bowl 50

Post Super Bowl 50 Service Adjustments

Super Bowl City downtown detours and street closures ended early, on February 11 when Market Street between Beale Street and The Embarcadero re-opened. Nearly all Muni routes will return to normal through that area at the start of morning service Friday, February 12.

  • Read the early street openings announcement from Director of Transportation Ed Reiskin. 
  • The NFL Experience closure of Howard Street opened February 9.
  • Starting at 10 p.m. Friday, February 12, bus shuttles will provide F Market service between the Castro and Fisherman’s Wharf throughout the weekend as the last of the Super Bowl City breakdown wraps up on Stueart Street.

About Super Bowl 50Artist rendering of Super Bowl 50 Super Bowl City on Market Street

San Francisco activity revolved around two downtown events: 

We are working closely with the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee and our regional transit partners to ensure that commuters, visitors and locals can get where they need to go as safely and as easily as possible.

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Overview by Transportation Mode

Getting Around By Transit

An overview of transit changes is below. For more details, see recent posts from our blog, MovingSF:

Commuters, residents and Super Bowl fans who use Muni’s surface routes in the Financial District and South of Market neighborhoods may see temporary re-routes and stop re-locations for Super Bowl City from January 23 to February 12. 

Super Bowl 50 SFMTA Muni Map updated 1-13-16

The Super Bowl 50 Muni Map shows only the route and stop changes that will be in effect (see our full Muni system map here). Other Muni routes in the area may see delays due to auto traffic detours, the most significant of which is on the southbound Embarcadero. Traffic congestion can be expected to increase on Battery, 1st and other nearby streets. 

Here’s a brief summary of the Muni route and stop changes, starting January 23:

  • The F Market & Wharves streetcar line will be served by bus shuttles between Castro Street and The Embarcadero until Sunday, February 14. 
    • Streetcar service between Fisherman’s Wharf and Castro will resume on Monday, February 15.
  • The 2 Clement, 3 Jackson, and 31 Balboa routes will turn back north of Market Street, where riders can connect to any of the routes traveling down that corridor.
  • The inbound 38 Geary and 38R Geary Rapid will re-route on Mission and 2nd streets between the Transbay Terminal and Market Street.
  • Terminal stops will be moved for the 6 Haight/Parnassus, 9 San Bruno and 9R San Bruno Rapid, the 14 Mission and 14R Mission Rapid, the 21 Hayes and the 41 Union routes.
  • Terminal stops will also be moved for these express routes starting Monday, January 25: the 7X, 1BX, 14X, 30X, 31AX/BX and the 38AX/BX.
  • No route changes are planned on Muni Metro lines, but extra subway service will be provided after concerts to help customers get home. The early nightly subway shutdowns for tunnel upgrades will end before street closures start on January 23.

Although the Super Bowl festivities take place between January 30 to February 7, streets in the area will be closed to vehicle traffic for longer to allow for staging and disassembly.

During that time, the Embarcadero BART/Muni Station entrance at Market and Spear streets will also be closed because it’s within the security zone. There will be an exception during morning rush hours, approximately 6:45 - 9:45 a.m., when that station entrance/exit will be open. Be sure to check in with BARTCaltrainAC TransitSamTransSF Bay FerryGolden Gate Transit and our other regional transit partners for their Super Bowl service changes.

Getting Around by Paratransit

An overview of paratransit and accessibility at the Super Bowl 50 events is below. For more details, see the post on our blog, MovingSF:

SB50 Pedestrian Map with Accessibility Zones

People with disabilities will have front-of-the-line priority at security checks to enter the Super Bowl City zone. However, to get to the elevator at Embarcadero Station near Drumm Street from the Ferry Building, you will need to pass through a security checkpoint or take a circuitous route around the perimeter.

Locations for Accessible parking spaces (blue zones), Accessible passenger loading zones, and Paratransit / taxi zones can be found on theSuper Bowl 50 Pedestrian Map and Bike Detours.

Paratransit loading zones will be at these locations:

  • Washington Street, north side, between The Embarcadero and Drumm Street
  • Mission Street, south side, between The Embarcadero and Steuart Street
  • Market Street, south side, between Fremont and Beale streets
  • California Street, south side, between Davis and Front streets
  • 3rd Street, east side, north of Howard Street

Paratransit for Visitors

ADA-certified visitors can use SF Paratransit van services for up to 21 days. For more information, please visit our Paratransit page or call SF Paratransit at 415.351.7050 in advance of your visit.

ADA Eligible visitors can request next-day paratransit service reservations from the SF Access service provider (415.285.6945), but must contact SF Paratransit (415.351.7050) by the next business day to register for visitor services.

Accessible Airport Transportation

BART provides accessible train service to downtown San Francisco from SF International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK). BART’s website has more information on getting to airports and the Super Bowl 50 events.

SF Paratransit does not serve any Bay Area airports, but the following services do:

  • SF International Airport: Redi-Wheels (SamTrans Paratransit) - 650.871.8590
  • Oakland International Airport: East Bay Paratransit  - 510.287.5040
  • San Jose International Airport (SJC): Outreach (VTA Paratransit) - 408.436.2865

Getting Around by Taxi

Overview of taxi service is below. For more details, see recent posts from our blog MovingSF

There will be three temporary taxi stands serving customers traveling to and from the Super Bowl events. Stands will have signs posted indicating, “No Parking Taxis Only."

Look for these temporary stands at:

  1. California Street, south side, between Davis and Drumm streets;
  2. Steuart Street, west side, between Mission and Howard streets;
  3. Howard Street, north side, east of Third Street, to serve the Moscone Center.

Download the Flywheel Taxi app to get access to approximately 80% of the San Francisco taxi fleet. Create an account in advance to become familiar with the service and how to use it during the events.  

Getting Around by Bike

An overview of bike route changes is below. For more details, see recent posts from our blog, MovingSF:

During the Super Bowl City festivities in front of the Ferry Building from January 30 to February 7, event restrictions will be in place on sections of Market Street and The Embarcadero that will have an impact on those walking and bicycling.

The suggested bicycle detour route between The Embarcadero and Market Street is on 2nd street via Howard or Folsom Street. Note that 1st and Battery streets are expected to be congested with auto traffic detoured off of southbound Embarcadero.

Due to the anticipated crowds, bicyclists should plan to walk bikes on the east sidewalk in front of the Ferry Building. 

The Super Bowl 50 Auto Bike Map and Super Bowl 50 Pedestrian Map and Bike Detours show the recommended routes.

Super Bowl 50 bike and pedestrian detour map.

Valet bicycle parking will be provided for Super Bowl City. Check the Super Bowl Host Committee Super Bowl City Overview for location details.

Bike Share Stations at Super Bowl City
Two Bay Area Bike Share stations (Harry Bridges Plaza [Ferry Building] and Steuart at Market) will be moved temporarily because they fall within the footprint of the Super Bowl City and will therefore be difficult to access during the event:

  1. The Harry Bridges Plaza station is moved to Pier 1/2, south of the Ferry Building.
  2. The Steuart and Market Street bike share station will be moved to the south side of Mission Street at Embarcadero. 

Getting Around by Private Auto

An overview of auto detours and street closurs is below. For more details, see recent posts from our blog, MovingSF:

Driving into the city during this time won't be easy and is not advised. If possible, please avoid driving near the area of the Super Bowl events.

Four main streets closures will be in place for Super Bowl activities:

  1. Market Street, between Beale and Steuart streets
  2. Southbound Embarcadero, between Washington Street to Don Chee Way
  3. Beale, Main, Spear and Steuart streets, between Market  and Howard streets
  4. Howard Street between 3rd and 4th streets; partial closure on Howard between 4th and 5th streets

Security measures for Super Bowl City will limit access to the event streets. There will be four security checkpoints: one on Market Street (just east of Beale/Davis) and three along The Embarcadero (at Washington, Harry Bridges Plaza and Don Chee Way). See to the Super Bowl 50 Auto Bike Map for details.

Super Bowl 50 auto and bike detour map

At Super Bowl City in front of the Ferry Building, the following streets will be closed to motor vehicles and bicycle traffic:

  • The Embarcadero southbound, from Washington Street to Don Chee Way (the Ferry Plaza)
  • Market Street east of Beale/Davis Streets
  • Steuart Street from Market to Don Chee Way

Curb space (i.e. parking) will be limited to make room for transit, emergency vehicles and event loading. For parking alternatives outside the Super Bowl City zone, check out our city parking page.

At Moscone Center, vehicle traffic will be prohibited on Howard Street from 3rd to 4th Street, as well as some lanes between 4th and 5th Streets.

Detour Routes

The map shows the detour routes where car traffic will be guided around the event zones. Once again, we encourage everyone to avoid driving on these routes unless necessary. If you need to drive north or south through the eastern part of the city, we recommend using Hyde Street, Gough Street, or Van Ness Avenue if possible.

Southbound Embarcadero: Drivers will be directed to use Battery and First Streets to cross Market Street. Drivers who continue south on The Embarcadero will be forced to turn right at Washington Street to Battery. The northbound lanes of The Embarcadero will remain open.

Drivers traveling eastbound on Market and Mission Streets will be forced to turn south on First Street, then to Folsom Street to continue east.

Howard Street at Third Street: Drivers traveling westbound on Howard will be directed to turn left at Second Street, then right on westbound Harrison Street. Drivers traveling southbound on New Montgomery will be directed to use Hawthorne to westbound Harrison.

This detour will be the same route used during other Moscone Center events like Oracle OpenWorld and Dreamforce last fall. 

*Except as to buses, taxis, authorized emergency vehicles, and commercial vehicles and credentialed vehicles for local access.