Shop, Dine and Explore the Excelsior on Muni

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The Excelsior is one of San Francisco’s oldest and most diverse neighborhoods. The neighborhood is a vibrant mix of residents from various ethnic backgrounds reflected in the neighborhood's restaurants, shops, and community events. The Excelsior has a strong Latino heritage, and visitors can experience the rich Latin American culture through authentic eateries, murals, and local festivities.  

Ride with Ease to the Excelsior

J Church, 8 Bayshore/8AX/8BXBayshore, 9/9R San Bruno, 14/14R Mission, 23 Monterey, 24 Divisadero, 29 Sunset, 35 Eureka, 43 Masonic, 44 Shaunessy, 49 Van Ness/Mission, 52 Excelsior, 54 Felton, 67 Bernal Heights 

Shop, Dine, Explore 

  • Shop: The Excelsior is the perfect neighborhood to support local San Francisco businesses – you can find 500 small businesses all within its 5-mile radius. Many of the small businesses in the Excelsior are Latinx and Asian owned.  

  • Dine: Nosh on cuisines from across the globe without needing your passport when you visit the Excelsior! From pupusas to pancit, “dope coffee”, Dutch crunch and everything in between, discover your next hidden gem (and go-to spot) in the Excelsior.  

  • Explore: The Excelsior boasts some of the best views of the City, but the views aren’t the only thing to explore. Home to the second largest park in the City, John Mclaren Park, is the perfect place to picnic, hike or walk. Bring the little ones to the Excelsior Playground for a family-fun-filled day. Or admire the incredible murals across the neighborhood that perfectly capture its diversity, vibrancy and history. 


Celebrate one of the Excelsior's most famous residents, Jerry Garcia, at the annual Jerry Day taking place each August in the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater at McLaren Park. You can also stroll down car-free streets at the annual Sunday Streets. 

Learn more at Excelsior Action Group