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Shop, Dine and Explore Haight Ashbury on Muni

Haight-Ashbury, nestled in the heart of San Francisco, is a neighborhood with a rich and colorful history, making it a go-to spot to visit for both locals and tourists alike. Famous for its pivotal role in the 1960s counterculture movement, the Haight has retained its bohemian spirit while evolving into a vibrant and eclectic community.  Whether you're in search of a cultural adventure or simply looking to soak up the Haight's iconic atmosphere, this neighborhood has something for everyone to enjoy. 

Ride with Ease to the Haight

F Market & Wharves, N Judah, 5 Fulton/5R Fulton Rapid, 6 Haight/Parnassus, 7 Haight/Noriega, 21 Hayes, 24 Divisadero, 33 Ashbury/18th Street, 37 Corbett, 43 Masonic, 66 Quintara 

Shop, Dine, Explore 

  • Shop: As you stroll along the iconic streets, you'll encounter an array of charming small businesses, quirky boutiques, and vintage shops that cater to a wide range of tastes. Click here for a full list of Haight-Ashbury merchants.  

  • Dine: The neighborhood is also a culinary delight, offering a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes, each serving up a unique dining experience. 

  • Explore: The Haight has several points of interest to explore: as the gate way to Golden Gate Park you can easily chill at the iconic Hippie hill or Buena Vista Park, stroll down Page Slow Streets or visit the iconic intersection of Haight & Ashbury.


The Haight Ashbury Fair has been a staple of the neighborhood for 40 years. Festival attendees can listen to live music and choose from 200+ booths selling food, merchandise, art and other unique items.  

Learn more at Shop Haight