Shop, Dine and Explore the Outer Sunset on Muni

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The Outer Sunset neighborhood is a charming coastal enclave that beckons locals and visitors alike to explore its unique blend of culture and natural beauty. Nestled against the Pacific Ocean, escape the bustling city on Muni and find a tranquil oceanside escape. As you ride, you'll pass through the picturesque streets adorned with colorful houses, but the real treasures await your arrival. The Outer Sunset is a hidden gem that invites you to explore, support local businesses, and revel in its unique charm. 

Ride with Ease to the Outer Sunset

L Taraval, T-Third, N Judah, 7 Haight/Noriega, 18 46th Avenue,  

Shop, Dine, Explore 

  • Shop: Quaint boutiques line the streets, offering an array of handmade crafts, vintage treasures, and one-of-a-kind finds. Locals and visitors can also shop for seasonal produce at the weekly Outer Sunset Farmers Market. These small businesses contribute not only to the neighborhood's charm, but also it’s economic vitality.  

  • Dine: When it comes to dining options, you'll find everything from charming cafes serving artisanal coffee and pastries to eclectic restaurants offering global cuisine, from Thai to Mexican to Japanese. The Outer Sunset’s bars and pubs offer a cozy respite, often with a selection of craft beers and innovative cocktails.  

  • Explore:  Walk, bike or scoot through the vast Golden Gate Park or take in the enchanting Sutro Baths ruins. With access to the park and the beach, you can immerse yourself in nature and escape the hustle and bustle of the City.