ATTN: IB 9 blocked at Bayshore and Cesar Chavez by construction-related equipment/work. IB 9 will reroute around the area. Stop at Potrero & 25th will be missed. Use stop at 24th. (More: 18 in last 48 hours)

Shop, Dine and Explore West Portal on Muni

The picturesque streets of West Portal await riders mere steps away from the West Portal station. Though small, the neighborhood functions like a city, with several small businesses and professional services. West Portal Avenue is dotted with locally owned and operated businesses, including café's, restaurants, book shops, clothing stores and more. Take a leisurely stroll to discover local landmarks like the historic Twin Peaks Tunnel or enjoy the scenic beauty of nearby Glen Canyon Park. West Portal's accessibility and bubbling community make it a must-visit for locals and visitors alike.  

Ride with Ease to West Portal

L-Taraval, K Ingleside, 6 Haight/Parnassus, 8 Bayshore/8AX/8BXBayshore, 23 Monterey, 28 19th Avenue, 28R 19th Avenue Rapid, 29 Sunset, 36 Teresita, 43 Masonic, 44 O'Shaughnessy, 48 Quintara/24th Street, 49 Van Ness/Mission, 52 Excelsior, 54 Felton, 57 Parkmerced, 66 Quintara 

Shop, Dine, Explore 

  • Shop: This charming San Francisco neighborhood boasts a diverse selection of shops.Whether you're in search of artisanal goods, vintage treasures, or delectable treats, West Portal Avenue has it all. Click here for a full directory of retail stores.  

  • Dine: Satisfy your tastebuds at the endless restaurants, bars and café.  Whether you're craving local and international dishes, a cup of coffee or a craft cocktail, hop on Muni and let your taste buds embark on a flavorful journey in West Portal. Click here for a list of restaurants, café's and bakeries.   

  • Explore: Embark on a journey through a charming urban landscape, where tree-lined streets and quaint storefronts beckon. The West Portal station itself (opened in 1918), with its unique architecture and bustling atmosphere, serves as the gateway to this enchanting neighborhood. rom there, you can easily access the neighborhood's treasures, such as the historic West Portal Theater and its iconic marquee, which harks back to a bygone era. Whether you're a local or a visitor, immerse yourself in the West Portal neighborhood's timeless charm and iconic landmarks.  

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