FINAL UPDATE: Fire department activity at Mission/Fremont has cleared.IB/OB 14 Mission and 14R Mission Rapid are resuming regular route. (More: 9 in last 48 hours)

46th Ave & Taraval St (#13599)

Route & Arrival Details

46th Avenue

6am to 10pm daily

Destination Predicted Arrivals
18 46th Avenue 33rd Ave + Geary Prediction unavailable
18 46th Avenue Legion of Honor Prediction unavailable

L Owl

10pm - 5am nightly

Destination Predicted Arrivals
L Owl Jones & Beach Prediction unavailable

L Taraval Bus

5am - 10pm daily; downtown service Weekdays 10 am to 6 pm

Destination Predicted Arrivals
L Taraval Bus Ferry Plaza Prediction unavailable
L Taraval Bus West Portal Station Prediction unavailable
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