HeadsUp: The annual #ChineseNewYear Parade starts this evening at 5:30pm from Market & 2nd St. Some #SFMuni reroutes will begin at 10am while others at 2 p.m. Regular svc will resume after roadway is clear (approx. 10pm). For svc details:https://t.co/qNRIndWkgN https://t.co/qs2bn4vliz (More: 25 in last 48 hours)

Mission St & 1st St (#15528)

Stop Advisories

  • Chinese New Year Parade this Saturday, 2/4. Downtown Muni service will have reroutes.

Route & Arrival Details


24-hour service daily

Destination Predicted Arrivals
14 Mission Daly City Prediction unavailable
14 Mission Fifth Street Prediction unavailable
14 Mission Lowell Street Prediction unavailable

Mission Rapid

5am - 10pm daily

Destination Predicted Arrivals
14R Mission Rapid Daly City Prediction unavailable
14R Mission Rapid Daly City BART Prediction unavailable
14R Mission Rapid Morse & Lowell Prediction unavailable
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