Update: The 19thAve/Eucalyptus incident has cleared. https://t.co/Mbhyo9rVx1 (More: 3 in last 48 hours)

14R Mission Rapid

5am - 10pm daily
Service Frequencies
Schedule Morning Midday Evening Late Night Owl
Weekday 10 13 7 15 --
Saturday 10 10 11 15 --
Sunday 10 10 11 15 --

See below for detailed schedule information and live data.


Live Map


Inbound to Downtown stop list
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Outbound to Daly City BART stop list
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The 14R Mission Rapid runs during the daytime and early evening only.


Daly City BART Station to Mission & Main:  From BART via BART access road, left on John Daly, left on Mission left on Main, right on Market, right on Steuart, right on Mission to Main.

Rapid stops between Daly City BART and Mission & 5th: Daly City BART, Flournoy, Evergreen, Acton, Lowell, Geneva, Persia, Silver, Richland, 30th, 24th, 20th, 16th, 11th, 8th, 5th.


Mission & Main to Daly City BART Station: Via Mission, Otis, Mission, right on Flournoy, left on San Jose, Mission, right on John Daly, right on De Long, left on BART Access Rd to Daly City BART.

Rapid stops between Mission & 5th and Daly City BART: 5th, 8th, 11th, 16th, 20th, 24th, 30th, Richland, Silver, Ruth, Geneva, Lowell, Sickles, Goethe, Flournoy, Daly City BART.