Transportation Information for Schools

We work with our schools and education leaders to design streets and transportation services with our smallest San Francisco residents in mind. From special parking permits for schools to traffic calming requests, here are quick links to transportation services the SFMTA provides to schools.

Muni Routes Serving City Schools

See which Muni lines serve San Francisco schools.

Crossing Guards

Like to see a crossing guard near your school? Send us a crossing guard request.

Free Muni for All Youth

Effective August 15, 2021 the Free Muni program will be extended to all youth under the age of 19 - no application or proof of payment/Clipper card required with the exception of Cable Car. A pass may be requested for San Francisco residents under the age of 19 who utilize Cable Car for regular travel.

Find out more about Free Muni for all Youth.

Color Curbs

Need bus loading zones and passenger loading areas? Request a white loading-area curb.

Parking Permits for Schools

Is your school located within a Residential Permit Parking Zone? Apply for special parking permits for school employees.

General Safety Requests

Like to see other street improvements near your school? Apply for a range of street safety treatments.