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29 Sunset Bus Stop Changes and New Late-Night Terminal Starting August 19

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The first 29 Sunset Improvement Project improvements will take effect starting Saturday, August 19, 2023. These changes include bus stop changes and a new late-night terminal.  

29 Sunset bus stops change as of August 19, 2023. 

We’re changing bus stops on 25th Avenue, Lincoln Way, Sunset Boulevard and 19th Avenue, which will decrease travel times and may mean you will need to use a different stop or go across the street to board. The following stops will no longer be in service: 

Map shows that beginning August 19, 2023, the 29 Sunset will no longer serve 11 bus stops, which are detailed in text in the following table.


Discontinued Stop (as of 8/19/23)  Alternate Stop(s) to Use 
for 25th Avenue at Lake St (both directions)  use 25th Ave at California St
for Lincoln Way at 23rd Ave (both directions) use Lincoln Way at 21st Ave or Lincoln Way at 25th Ave
for Sunset Blvd at Irving St (both directions) use Sunset Blvd at Judah St or Lincoln Way at 37th Ave (southbound) or Lincoln Way at 36th Ave (northbound)
for Sunset Blvd at Kirkham St (both directions) use Sunset Blvd at Judah St or Lawton St
for Sunset Blvd at Moraga St (both directions) use Sunset Blvd at Lawton St or Noriega St
for Sunset Blvd at Pacheco St (both directions) use Sunset Blvd at Ortega St or Quintara St
for Sunset Blvd at Santiago St (both directions) use Sunset Blvd at Rivera St or Taraval St
for Sunset Blvd at Ulloa St (both directions) use Sunset Blvd at Taraval St or Vicente St
for Sunset Blvd at Wawona St (both directions) use Sunset Blvd at Vicente St or Yorba St
for Sunset Blvd at Lake Merced Blvd (both directions) use Sunset Blvd at Ocean Ave or Lake Merced Blvd at Middlefield Rd
for 19th Ave at Holloway Ave – the eastbound stop at the southeast corner of the intersection use 19th Ave at Holloway Ave at the northwest corner (directly outside the SFSU Station Café)


There are no changes to stops east of 19th Avenue and Holloway Avenue. As of August 19, the 29 Sunset will serve the following stops on the westside: 

Map shows that beginning August 19, the 29 Sunset will only use the following stops between Baker Beach and Holloway Avenue: Bowley St & Lincoln Blvd, Bowley St & Gibson Rd, Lincoln Blvd & Bowley St, 25th Ave & El Camino Del Mar,25th Ave & Lake St, 25th Ave & California St, 25th Ave & Clement St,25th Ave & Geary Blvd, 25th Ave & Balboa St,25th Ave & Fulton St, Lincoln Way & 19th Ave Lincoln Way & 21st Ave Lincoln Way & 25th Ave Lincoln Way & 27th Ave, Lincoln Way & 29th Ave, Lincoln Way & 31st Ave, Lincoln Way & 33rd Ave, Lincoln Way & 35th Ave, 37th Ave & Lincoln Way, Sunset Blvd & Judah St, Sunset Blvd & Lawton St, Sunset Blvd & Noriega St, Sunset Blvd & Ortega St, Sunset Blvd & Quintara St, Sunset Blvd & Rivera St, Sunset Blvd & Taraval St, Sunset Blvd & Vicente St, Sunset Blvd & Yorba St, Sunset Blvd & Ocean Ave, Sunset Blvd & Lake Merced Blvd, Lake Merced Blvd & Middlefield Dr,, Winston Dr & Lake Merced Blvd, Winston Dr & Buckingham Way, Winston Dr & 20th Ave, 19th Ave & Holloway Ave.

While these changes may require using a different 29 Sunset stop than you do now, these improvements, along with others to come, will reduce travel times by an estimated 15-20% during the evening rush hour on the west side. 

The SFMTA has developed detailed policies on stop locations as well as processes for both analyzing the impacts of potential stop removals and gathering feedback from affected individuals. Through the 29 Sunset Improvement Project, we determined that the distance between many of these stops was well below the recommended minimum of 800 feet for relatively flat areas. Additionally, given that the stops being removed do not serve important destinations such as schools, groceries and senior centers, and as they are not transfer points to other routes, the number of riders affected is limited. All riders benefit from improvements to reduce transit delays, improve on-board travel times and reliability, and reduce overcrowding. 

New 29 Sunset Late-Night Terminal Moving to 25th Avenue and California Street 

Between 10 p.m. and midnight, the inbound terminal will move from Baker Beach to 25th Avenue and California Street.  

During these hours, the 29 Sunset will continue to serve all stops, but riders boarding a southbound bus at the four stops below, between Baker Beach and 25th Avenue and California Street, will need to exit the bus at 25th Avenue and California and wait fifteen minutes for the next run. This will apply to riders boarding at these four southbound stops between 10 p.m. and midnight:  

  • Bowley Street at Lincoln Boulevard 

  • Bowley Street at Gibson Road 

  • Lincoln Boulevard and Bowley Street 

  • 25th Avenue and El Camino Del Mar 

Before 10 p.m., the inbound terminal will remain at Baker Beach.  

We’re making this change after hearing security concerns from operators about the current terminal. 

Additional daytime service to relieve crowding 

In addition to bringing back school-tripper service (additional buses that serve schools), we are adding another bus to the line between between 7 a.m, and 4 p.m, on weekdays. This will help relieve crowding and mean that buses will come every eight to nine minutes during these times.  

Brian Haagsman, Public Information Officer