Update: The 19thAve/Eucalyptus incident has cleared. https://t.co/Mbhyo9rVx1 (More: 3 in last 48 hours)

Construction Reroute on Treasure Island: February 13 - December 31, 2023

Service Affected
Neighborhoods Affected
Route(s) Affected

Beginning on Monday, February 13, Avenue of the Palms on Treasure Island will be closed to traffic due to construction. Traffic will be diverted onto Seven Seas Avenue (formerly Avenue C) between Clipper Cove Way and Ninth Street, including the 25 Treasure Island Route. Additionally, new transit stops will be established along Seven Seas Avenue to serve the residents of the new affordable housing on the avenue. Details of the reroute, including discontinued or relocated stops, may be found below.

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25 Treasure Island Reroute & Stop Changes

Route & Direction Reroute Information Stop Change(s)
25 Treasure Island
toward Downtown
Regular route to Avenue B & 9th Street, left onto 9th, right onto Seven Seas Ave., right onto Trade Winds Ave.,
left onto Treasure Island Rd. to regular route.

Stop Added:

  • Seven Seas Avenue & Bruton St. (Stop ID 18122)
25 Treasure Island
toward Treasure Island
Regular route to Treasure Island Rd. & Clipper Cove Way, then right onto Clipper Cove, left onto Seven Seas Ave.,
right onto 9th St. to regular route.

Stop Discontinued:

Stop Added:

  • Clipper Cove Way & Treasure Island Rd. (Stop ID 18000)
  • Seven Seas Avenue & Bruton St. (Stop ID 18121)


Note: Passenger Information Systems will not provide bus predictions for the new stops until April 2023. Passengers should do the following to determine when their bus will be arriving:

  • Inbound: Passengers at Seven Seas Ave. & Bruton St. should use the arrival times for Ave B & Gateview Ave (Stop ID 13670).
  • Outbound: Passengers at Seven Seas Ave. & Bruton OR Clipper Cove Way & Treasure Island Rd. should use the arrival times for West Shoreline Rd. (Stop ID 18017)

Passengers using these Stop ID recommendations should plan on the predicted buses arriving within 1 minute of the predictions provided for the aforementioned stop locations.

Reminder: Find stop information, including vehicle predictions, by going to SFMTA.com and entering the Stop ID number into the search bar OR going to SFMTA.com/[StopIDNumber]; e.g. SFMTA.com/18017.

Muni Reroute Map

Map of the 25 Treasure Island Route reroute for construction on the island that begins on Feb. 13, 2023.