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L Taraval Improvement Project Work Forecast Mar. 23 - Apr. 3, 2020

Neighborhoods Affected
Route(s) Affected

Work Forecast Plan for the Weeks of March 23 to April 3, 2020

Details of Work Performed:
  • Continuation of sewer main replacement is planned for the weeks of:
    • March 26-27 and March 30-April 3 between 46th and 43rd Avenue (southside of Taraval)
    • March 23-27 and March 30-April 3 between 41st and 40th Avenue (southside)
  • Continuation of waterline work is planned for the week of:
    • March 26-27 and March 30-April 3 between 40th and 37th Avenue (northside)
  • Construction of overhead contact system (OCS) pole foundation is planned for:
    • March 31-April 1 between 36th Avenue to Sunset Boulevard (northside)
  • Electrical conduit work for traffic signal, streetlights, and etc. is planned for :
    • March 31-April 3 between 46th and 45th Avenue (northside)
    • March 31-April 3 between 44th and 43rd Avenue (northside)
    • March 31-April 3 between 43rd and 42nd Avenue (northside)
    • March 31-April 3 between 40th and 37th Avenue (northside)
What to Expect:

Excavation requires jackhammering of the pavement. Dust control measures will be in place to prevent dust kick up from the work.

Heavy vibrations from the shoring and sheet piling work is expected for open trench work.

This waterline work does not involve water shutoff or interruption to service.

Location and Time of Work:
  • Northside of Taraval Street between 46th – 42nd Avenue and 40th Avenue - Sunset Boulevard.

    Southside of Taraval between 46th -43rd and 41st - 40th Avenue.

    Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Traffic Impacts: Some parking will be temporarily restricted in construction zones and traffic lanes will be modified during active work. 
Muni Customer Impacts:  Starting Thursday, March 26 through Wednesday, April 17, the inbound L Taraval stop at 44th Avenue is temporarily discontinued from 7:00 a.m until 4:30 p.m, Monday to Friday. Muni customers are advised to use stops at 46th Avenue or 42nd Avenue during the listed hours.

The following two-week construction forecast is subject to change due to weather delays or unexpected field conditions.

Questions or concerns? Contact us at or 415.646.2382

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