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Mission Bay Loop - Sewer work along 18th/19th/Illinois streets

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Service Affected
Weekend Traffic and Transit Advisory

Mitchell Engineering, the project contractor, will commence on the most intensive portion of the project starting Tuesday, April 4. This means they will be working in the center of Illinois Street and opening the roadway beginning at 18th and Illinois streets. They will then remove the existing sewer casing and begin installing the new casing. In order to conduct the work, parking along the historical Crane Cove Park fence (east side of Illinois Street) will be removed 24 hours, 7 days a week from 18th to 19th and Illinois streets for the duration of the project (approximately until July, 2017).

The parking removal extends until the end of the project date due to the fact that the sewer work also includes the PG&E duct bank work at 18th and Illinois streets. Once that has been completed, Mitchell will begin installing the light rail track. This activity will all take place within the center of Illinois Street.

Traffic lanes traveling both north and south will remain open and there will be flaggers posted to help direct traffic. The north bound bike lane will be converted to a shared roadway. Expect minor delays when traveling around and through the construction area. Local access to properties along the project site will be maintained.

Note:  Construction activity will not take place two hours before and two hours after SF Giants day games.

For project details or questions please contact me via email or by phone.


Adrienne Heim

Public Information Officer, D10 Communications Liasion