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Quick-build improvements coming after K Ingleside Rapid Project Approved by SFMTA Board 

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At the March 5, 2024 SFMTA Board of Directors meeting, the Board voted to approve the K Ingleside Rapid Project. 

Upgraded transit islands, a transit lane, pedestrian bulbs, new loading zones for businesses and traffic changes will help us achieve the goals of improving transit capacity and reliability and enhancing traffic safety on Ocean Avenue. 

Expect quick-build implementation later this year  

While we anticipate full construction of the capital improvements in 2027, expect to see benefits from the quick-build improvements later this year, including:  

Transit Lane: To improve transit reliability and decrease travel times, the left track lane in both directions will be converted to a transit lane between Junipero Serra Boulevard and Frida Kahlo Way, connecting to the existing transit-only areas east of Frida Kahlo Way. 

Turn Movement Changes: At most transit stops left turns will be prohibited. This change will be implemented to keep transit stops clear of traffic and keep traffic flowing. It also improves safety for people waiting to board the train and for people walking along Ocean Avenue.   

Boarding Island Upgrades: We are currently working through design for a quick-build implementation of lengthening and widening both boarding islands at four stops. This will allow us to operate two-car trains on the K Ingleside, doubling capacity on Ocean Avenue and removing delay at West Portal.    

Stop Removal: We will remove the transit stops in both directions at Ocean Avenue at Westgate Drive and Cerritos Avenue to improve reliability and travel times. This is the lowest ridership stop on the corridor, and it is just a block away from the stop at Aptos Avenue, which is closer to destinations like Aptos Middle School and Aptos Park.  

Pedestrian Bulbs:  As part of the construction phase, we will construct sidewalk extensions at several locations, and in the quick-build phase, we will implement painted safety zones using paint and safe-hit posts. These improve pedestrian safety by increasing the visibility of people walking and slowing turning vehicles.  

Loading Zone Changes: We’ve worked with merchants to identify locations where parking spaces will be converted to new commercial, passenger and general loading zones on and near Ocean Avenue to help people and goods get to the curb while allowing traffic to continue moving. With few loading zones on Ocean Avenue today, double parking is common, which blocks traffic. By giving businesses and passengers a dedicated place to load, there should be less double parking, which will help keep traffic moving.   

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