UPDATE: #TThird and #NJudah trains resuming svc through the area of Fourth and King. Expect residual delays in the area until the issue has been resolved. (More: 30 in last 48 hours)

Week of October 23: Transit lane installation underway

Photo of bus in new bus zone at Geary and 6th Avenue inbound

New bus zone for 38/38 Geary inbound stop at 6th Avenue. The sidewalk will be widened here during a later phase of project implementation.  

Week of October 23: Transit lane installation underway

The Geary Boulevard Improvement Project Quick-Build is over halfway complete! Bus stop changes went into effect on October 14 and the new left turn restrictions were installed last week. Most angled parking on Geary Boulevard has been converted to angled parking. With these elements almost complete, the main focus this week will be to install transit lanes between 15th and 28th avenues. Transit lanes will be marked with solid white lines as well as stencils and signs that say “Muni and Taxi Only.”

After completing transit lane installation, remaining work includes: 
•    Safety improvements like daylighting that installs red curb near intersection corners to improve visibility of people walking to people driving
•    New and revised loading zones

Cross street angled parking: Rules and upcoming enforcement plans

New angled parking on cross-streets near Geary have been installed to offset some loss of parking along Geary Boulevard. If you park in one of these spaces, remember that your vehicle must fit fully within the marked stalls. Vehicles that overhang the stall marking are subject to a ticket. Parking Control Officers will be monitoring the area so please be sure to follow the rules and avoid a ticket. 

For anyone who picks up or drops off students at Presidio Middle School, please note that no parking, drop-offs or pick-ups are allowed on the east side of 29th Avenue between Geary and Clement; all passenger loading should be done on the west side of the street adjacent to the school. Parking Control Officers will be regularly monitoring the area and will begin issuing citations for cars stopped on the east side of the street.

Business Support during Quick-Build

The SFMTA understands that change can be difficult and that we have a role in fostering small business success. To help merchants thrive during this time, we have set aside funds to create a customized marketing campaign to attract customers to the Geary corridor.

Do you own or manage a business on Geary in the Richmond? Take a brief survey and share your ideas about marketing funds

Have more time to commit? We’re seeking business owners and representatives to form a Small Business Working Group to help decide what kind of marketing support would best help Geary businesses thrive during the Geary Boulevard Improvement Project Quick-Build. Apply by October 29.