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Week of October 30: New transit-only lanes on Geary

Photo of bus in new bus zone at Geary and 6th Avenue outbound

New transit-only lanes on Geary are underway 

Our paint crews are busy installing transit-only lanes on Geary Boulevard from 15th to 28th avenues. When the work is completed in the coming weeks, you can look forward to a faster, more reliable bus ride. 

Do you drive on Geary? Read on to learn when and where you can access transit-only lanes.  

In a Transit-Only Lane… 

You CAN: 

  • Make a right turn at intersections and driveways. Safely enter the transit-only lane as you approach the intersection or driveway.  
  • Access parking. People driving may enter a transit-only lane to pull in or out of a curbside parking space or loading zone.  


  • Pick up, drop off or double park. Like any active traffic lane, pick-ups, drop-offs and double parking are not allowed in transit-only lanes.  
  • Drive. People driving and bicycling are only allowed to enter a transit-only lane when necessary to turn or park. 

How are transit-only lanes enforced? 

SFPD patrols transit lanes for moving and parking violations, and double parking in transit-only lanes is enforced by automatic cameras on Muni buses. If you’re not actively parking or preparing to make a turn, it’s best to stay out of transit-only lanes. 

Transit-only lanes benefit people who ride and drive 

Nearly 350,000 people ride the bus every day in San Francisco. Buses reduce traffic and air pollution because they are more space and fuel-efficient than driving. Transit-only lanes keep buses from getting stuck in traffic, and when more people choose transit because it’s fast and reliable, there are fewer cars on the street.