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TRP Objective 3: Equity

Objective 3: Support a just recovery by prioritizing policies and programs that reduce the risk of creating new inequities, and also address existing disparities for historically marginalized communities.

SFMTA recognizes inherited and enduring inequities that have been exacerbated due to the COVID-19 crisis. It is imperative our emergency measures respond to, not ignore or worsen, the mobility needs of historically marginalized communities and our most vulnerable populations. Our Muni Core Service Plan prioritizes lines serving people of color, low-income communities, seniors, and other marginalized populations. We launched our Essentail Trip Card (ETC) Program to provide a limited number of deeply discounted taxi trips to supplement our Muni COVID-19 Core Service for older riders and persons with disabilities needing to make essential trips; we are actively tracking enrollment and trips taken through the program. We are also working to distribute our emergency capital improvements and shared mobility options equitably across the city.

This dashboard demonstrates the geographic distribution of our emergency capital improvements, coverage of shared mobility alternatives as well as measures associated with the ETC program and our COVID-19 Core Service. Additional efforts are underway to ensure equitable outcomes across our recovery, including evaluation efforts associated with TRP programs and an equity mapping tool to better analyze our service delivery.

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Programs that support the mobility needs of the most vulnerable

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