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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office

Our Responsibilities

The EEO Office is responsible for leading, building and implementing SFMTA’s EEO Programs, including:

  • Protecting equal employment opportunity rights at SFMTA through education and training;
  • Monitoring our compliance with federal, state and local equal employment opportunity laws;
  • Collaborating with community-based organizations on hiring recruitments to ensure diversity in our applicant pool;
  • Concurring on all hires and promotions to ensure compliance with equal employment opportunity principles;
  • Assessing the diversity of the workforce through employment data analysis;
  • Serving as a management advisor on potential discrimination or harassment concerns; and
  • Serving as a liaison to local, state and federal agencies on EEO-related matters.

SFMTA's Director of Transportation maintains overall responsbility and accountability for the SFMTA's compliance with its EEO Policy and Program. Adherance to its EEO Policy Statement applies to all employment actions, including but not limited to, Recruiting; Hiring; Selection for Training; Promotion; Transfer; Demotion; Layoff; Termination; Rates of Pay or other forms of compensation. To ensure day-to-day management, including program preparation and monitoring, Virginia Harmon was appointed as SFMTA EEO Officer who reports directly to the Director of Transportation and acts with this authority with all levels of management, labor unions, and employees.

For information on how to file a discrimination and/or harassment complaint, please contact SFMTA Equal Employment Opportunity.


SFMTA is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer