Office of Civil Rights

The SFMTA Office of Civil Rights (OCR) brings together all the agency sections working to implement Civil Rights and Equity programs so they can collaborate with and support each other. Previously, these sections operated out of different divisions. Bringing them together under one division breaks down silos and facilitates collaboration and coordination.

The sections are Contract Compliance, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Internal Investigations Unit (IIU), the Ombuds Office, the Office of Racial Equity and Belonging (OREB), and the Title VI Program and Regulatory Affairs.  Accessible Services section will remain within the Taxis, Access and Mobility Services (TAMS) division but will have a dotted line reporting relationship to the OCR.

Virginia Harmon

Virginia Harmon

Interim Director of the Office of Civil Rights, Senior Manager Contracts & Procurement, DBE Liaison Officer/EEO Officer

Contract Compliance Office

The Contract Compliance Office (CCO) seeks to create a level playing field on which Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) can compete fairly for contracts and subcontracts. It also oversees prime contractors'...

Equal Employment Opportunity Office

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office is responsible for leading, building and implementing SFMTA’s EEO Programs, including: Protecting equal employment opportunity rights at SFMTA through education and training; Monitoring our compliance...

Internal Investigations Unit

The Internal Investigations Unit (IIU) conducts investigations in a manner that provides a neutral, impartial, complete, and thorough presentation of facts regarding an allegation or complaint. Investigations may cover the SFMTA Workplace Violence...

Office of Racial Equity & Belonging

The Office of Racial Equity & Belonging (OREB) is responsible for directing and developing strategies for advancing racial equity, mobility justice and intersecting equity needs in all areas of work at the agency. The office directs integrated...

Ombuds Office

Focusing on the employee experience, the Ombuds Office provides a safe, confidential place to discuss concerns and explore possibilities for resolution. The Ombuds is committed to approaching every situation from a point of neutrality, providing...

Title VI & Regulatory Affairs

The Title VI Program ensures that SFMTA complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 so that no one is excluded from participation in, denied benefits of, or discriminated against in any of our federally funded programs on the grounds of...

Accessible Services

Accessible Services reports to Taxis, Access & Mobility Services Our Responsibilities Fixed Route Accessibility – Ensure compliance with ADA regulations; Oversee Muni operational issues that impact senior and disabled access; Conduct Transit Operator...

Erin McAuliff

Acting Accessible Services Director