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Equitable Workforce & Workplace Section

Equitable Workforce & Workplace is the unit within the Office of Racial Equity & Belonging that directs racial equity and other equity analyses aimed at understanding and eliminating demographic gaps in the SFMTA workforce. Equitable Workforce & Workplace develops, refines, implements, monitors and evaluates agencywide racial equity efforts related to training, hiring, discipline/corrective action, the employee life cycle, staff belonging and employee experience. Equitable Workforce & Workplace is organized in three sections:

  • Equitable Pipeline Development
  • Equitable Workforce & Workplace
  • Staff Belonging and Wellbeing

Equitable Workforce & Workplace leads cross-agency projects with SFMTA divisions to optimize racial equity in the workplace, including the strategic planning, development, implementation and evaluation of equity training (including racial and transit equity training), cultural/heritage commemoration events and racial equity campaigns to support diversity in hiring/pipeline programs. Equitable Workforce & Workplace provides technical assistance to SFMTA-affiliated affinity groups and employee resource groups that are organized and led by volunteer SFMTA staff.