Security & Investigations

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Security, Investigations and Enforcement (SIE) provides all security, fare enforcement, and investigative services for the SFMTA, including:

Proof of Payment Unit – Conducts inspections for fare compliance on all SFMTA vehicles, bus stops, rail platforms, and subway stations.

Muni Transit Assistance Program – Provides community-based staff to ride transit lines with high incidences of graffiti and juvenile disturbances, and assists with enforcement. Transit Assistants also monitor high schools, junior high schools, bus stops, and bus lines throughout the City with a particular focus on juvenile safety and order.

Video Surveillance Unit – Records and stores all video footage from SFMTA vehicles, subway stations, rail and bus divisions, and rail platforms for use in investigations and legal action.

Emergency Preparedness Department – Responsible for agency-level all-hazard emergency management, training and exercises; system security and internal audits; interagency coordination of citywide special events; and security grants management.

Contract Security Service – Provides unarmed security officers for all bus and Light Rail Vehicle yards, monitoring of live video feeds from SFMTA facilities, secure courier services, and armed security officers for the Revenue Department and Customer Service Center.

San Francisco Police Department SFMTA Work Order – The following groups are under the command of the SFPD Traffic Company Commander, and operate in close coordination with SIE.

  • Muni Response Team (MRT): a uniformed presence in the transit system, assists with transit enforcement and special events.

  • Muni Task Force (MTF): Plain clothes investigative services specific to criminal activity in the transit system.

  • MTA K-9 Unit: Explosive threat assessment and detection on the transit system.