Bike to Wherever Day

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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Join people across the city bicycling today for the annual Bike to Wherever Day. The SFMTA is proud to be the official citywide sponsor of Bike to Wherever Day 2023, San Francisco's favorite biking celebration!   

A bicyclist with a backpack and helmet is seen in the street adjacent to a crosswalk.

Hosted by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Bike to Wherever Day celebrates  bicycles as a fun and healthy way to get around. This annual event invites people to pedal to their destinations, and it promotes bicycling both as an alternative commute and as a healthy and safe alternative to driving to…wherever. 

We encourage everyone, including those who don't usually bike, to get out and cycle today. After grabbing some wheels  (your own or a bikeshare bike), consider joining one of the Neighborhood Rides. Need more reason to stop by? You also can pick up your free Bike to Wherever Day canvas tote bag, filled with goodies, courtesy of the SF Bicycle Coalition. 

Resources to Help You Plan Your Bicycle Trip 

The SFMTA has go-to resources to help you plan your bicycle trips.  The interactive bike network map highlights recommended routes and shows bikeshare station locations. Go to our Get Out, Get Going website  to find an interactive multi-mode map with information about other sustainable ways to get around that you could pair with your bicycle trip, including walking and using shared mobility devices, like a scooter or moped.   

The SFMTA supports low-carbon transportation options like bicycles, and we continue to expand our dedicated bike lanes around the city to make streets safer and more comfortable for bicycling.  

You can check out our Slow Streets Program with over 18 corridors  that have traffic limitations so they can be used as shared spaces with walkers and bicyclists. Biking, scooting and rolling  are integral to our new Active Communities Plan, a 2-year process to develop a plan for active mobility in San Francisco.  For more information, visit the project website (