Get Out, Get Going

As San Francisco begins the re-opening process, we expect more people trying to get out and around town, thus creating more traffic congestion and put pressure on our transit system. Muni buses are already at capacity providing service for transit-dependent San Franciscans and essential workers. More drivers mean traffic congestion that hurts our economic recovery and slows transit service. Do your part to help alleviate the pressure on our Muni system and consider using sustainable modes to get around town. We've developed interactive multi-mode maps, Slow Streets and Bike network maps and other handy resources for you to plan your next trip. 

Image of intersection of Van Ness and Market Streets with people biking, walking and scooting

Birds-eye view of people walking and biking on Market at 11th Street

What are sustainable modes?

Walking, biking, or taking shared mobility like a scooter or moped is considered using an sustainable mode

How can I help with Muni capacity once San Francsico begins to re-open?

  • Consider using sustainable modes to get to your destination
  • Stagger your travel to shift to off-peak times 
  • Leave early to prepare for potentially needing to wait for a less crowded Muni vehicle



If you are returning to work, going to lunch, or catching a sunset at Land's End, consider using a new Slow Street to help you get there. The Slow Streets program has created multi-use spaces for people by limiting through traffic on residential streets. Slow Streets attract users of all demographics—including older adults, people with disabilities and people of color. Over thirty corridors have been planned or implemented as a Slow Street. Slow Streets also provide needed connections to the city’s bicycle network and destinations like local commercial corridors and jobs. 



As more San Franciscans make cycling a regular part of their daily routines, we’re keeping up with the demand by building dedicated bike lanes, supporting bike culture, and making streets safer and more comfortable for everyone. Recently, Mayor London Breed wrote a Medium piece about how investing in biking infrastructure, like protected bike lanes in SOMA, will help with our city's re-opening process.

Bikers of all levels can plan their next ride with our Bike Network map, which provides highly recommended routes with separated bikeways Safety is also a top priority and our partners at the SF Bike Coalition have a wealth of riding resources and events including bike riding workshops for cyclists of all levels.


    History of Biking and Walking in San Francisco

    Walking and biking have been the primary means of transportation for mankind throughout millennia. From their beginning as a means to get around to evolving to forms of civil protest, we explored the ways people walked and biked throughout history in San Francisco. Our debut story map exhibit pulls historic photos from not only our SFMTA archives but local and national archives as well.