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Happy International Women’s Day

Friday, March 8, 2019

Women of the SFMTA

Happy International Women’s Day to all our staff and of course - our amazing riders!

We are proud of the work that women in our agency do on a daily basis. From operating Muni vehicles to designing bike lanes, answering our riders on social media via real-time communications, women are thriving in all facets of the agency. The women of SFMTA keep the city of San Francisco moving.

Beginning in the late 1960s, employment opportunities for women in Muni’s operations and maintenance departments were just beginning to be filled. Today, women have not only joined the workforce here but have risen in the management ranks at the agency to be in charge of major departments including operations, communications, capital projects, finance and human resources. In fact, currently four out of seven members on the board of directors are women.

Overall, the SFMTA employs thousands of women in over 200 different job classifications. A variety of employment opportunities exist in parking, traffic and transit operations, maintenance, professional and clerical jobs. We are committed to equal employment opportunities and promote a work environment that values diversity in respect.

We are committed to a diverse workplace and are proud of the work women contribute every single day. Our agency has a legacy of historical firsts for women in the city of San Francisco. We look forward to continuing that tradition. Please check out our list of open jobs, and review information on how to apply to work at SFMTA.