Heads Up: Service Changes Are Coming

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New 60 foot bus.

SFMTA is improving transit service throughout San Francisco by providing bigger buses, more capacity, and increased service! On June 16 we’re rolling out another round of Muni Forward service improvements to a number of routes throughout the city. These service improvements include:

  • Larger buses for more elbow room

  • Increased number of buses to decrease bus crowding

  • Adding rail service to decrease wait time

Here are the details:

  • 1AX/ 1BX Express will upsize all buses from 40 to 60-foot buses

  • 8AX/ 8BX Bayshore Express will add two buses to improve running time and decrease crowding, with additional buses running during peak hours 6:30-10:30am and 3:50-6:15pm

  • 9R San Bruno Rapid will upsize from 40-foot buses to 60-foot buses

  • N Judah decrease wait time from seven to six minutes in AM/PM peak hours

  • K Ingleside/ T Third will decrease wait time from eight to seven minutes

The 1AX California Express serves almost the full east-west length of the city from the Outer Richmond inbound. With bigger buses, you’ll have more room for your commute downtown. The 1BX California Express serves a shortened version of the 1AX, with service from Lake Street neighborhood to downtown and will also be equipped with longer buses to give everyone enough room to travel a bit more comfortably.

The 8AX Bayshore Express and 8BX Bayshore Express will have additional service to improve running time and decrease crowding. The additional buses will allow for more people to utilize this route during peak hours of 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 3:50 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

The 9R San Bruno Rapid is upsizing its buses to 60 footers! This route serves Crocker-Amazon, Visitacion Valley, and others along the eastern portion of the city with service to downtown along Market Street. The larger buses will provide more space for riders, giving everyone a little more breathing room along their trip.

The N Judah and K Ingleside/ T Third rail lines will also increase the frequency of service to account for the growing number of passengers using these lines. During the morning and evening peak hours, the N Judah will come more frequently, every six minutes instead of seven, and K Ingleside and T Third will come every seven minutes instead of eight. This decrease in wait time means less waiting on the train platform and more expeditious service to where you need to go!

With construction complete at Cameron Beach Yard in Balboa Park, our historic streetcars are now ready to move back home from their temporary stay at the Muni Metro East in Dogpatch. The relocation of streetcars back to Cameron Beach Yard means more service to riders along the J Church route. As the streetcars travel to and from Cameron Beach to the start and end of their route, they will be running in revenue service. This means they will be picking up and dropping off passengers along the J Church route between Balboa Park and Church and 17th Street in the early morning and evening.

The Salesforce Transit Center is also opening for Muni service on June 16! The following routes will move from terminating at the Temporary Transbay Terminal to the Salesforce Transit Center. Muni customers can expect to see ambassadors who will help them locate their bus route. For more information see the Salesforce Transit Center project page. (Please note, the Transit Center is only open for Muni service June 16, and will have a full opening later this summer.)

5 Fulton

5R Fulton Rapid

7 Haight/ Noriega

38 Geary

38R Geary Rapid

In addition to the service changes, more new Muni trains will begin service this weekend! The first set of new trains began service in November 2017. And with over 200 new trains that will arrive in phases, Muni will replace its fleet of 151 light rail vehicles and expand it by over 60. The new cars have more reliable passenger doors, better visibility from the operator cab, and an enhanced braking system. The interior and exterior features were designed with input on public preferences from a 2014 public survey.

The new trains, manufactured by Siemens, will have more reliable doors and steps, better visibility for operators and an enhanced braking system. They’ll also require less maintenance so that we can dedicate more time to providing quality service.

Muni Forward

These service changes and new train cars are part of Muni Forward which aims to improve service and implement transit projects where they are needed most to make getting around San Francisco more reliable and safer.

We’re actively working on multiple fronts to create a safer and more reliable experience both on and off transit. Muni Forward brings together in one place the long list of projects and planning efforts underway to achieve this vision.

Informed by the Transit Effectiveness Project, route changes and service improvements are being implemented to reallocate limited resources where they are needed most. Implementation and expansion of a Rapid Network of core routes serving nearly 70% of all riders are providing a whole new level of more frequent and reliable service.

We’re working to make your day a bit easier and ensure you get wherever you’re going with speed and in Muni style!