Salesforce Transit Center

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Project Introduction

The Salesforce Transit Center project is a major new regional transit hub just south of Mission Street between Second and Beale streets in downtown San Francisco. Phase One of the project connects the bus services of AC Transit, WestCAT, Greyhound and Amtrak Thruway bus service with Muni service in San Francisco. Phase Two of the project will bring in Caltrain train service from the peninsula and eventually California High Speed Rail trains from Southern California into an underground station. The multi-level building (four stories above grade and two below) includes a rooftop public park, retail space, bicycle parking and administrative offices.

The Transit Center will be the terminus for the Muni 5, 5R, 7, 25 Owl, 38 and 38R routes at the Bus Plaza and the 25 on the Bus Deck. The 14, 14R and 14X routes serve stops nearby on Mission Street. The 10 and 12 routes serve stops nearby at 2nd St & Howard.

Muni schedules for the Salesforce Transit Center are found on the Routes & Stops web page for each bus line:

Project Timeline
Summer 2010
Demolition of Transbay Terminal
Spring 2018
Phase 1a: First Level Bus Plaza
Summer 2018
Phase 1b: Third Level Bus Deck, Rooftop Park
Phase 1c: Second Level Retail, Office Space
2020 - 2025
Phase 2: Below Ground, Rail Service
Project Status
  1. Implementation / Construction

Transit Center Highlights

The Salesforce Transit Center will become the “Grand Central Station” of the west, a fully integrated transit hub capable of getting people to any major destination in the region from one central location using only public transportation.

The major project elements include:

  • Two-block-long bus deck with direct freeway access for AC Transit, WestCAT, Amtrak Thruway and Greyhound buses and Muni service to Treasure Island (25)
  • A ground level bus plaza serving six major Muni lines (5/5R, 7 and 38/38R)
  • A three-platform, 6-track train station underground
  • A Grand Hall entrance lobby and a rooftop park

Ancillary projects include a public plaza on Mission Street west of Fremont Street and the Salesforce Tower off Mission Street east of First Street.

3-D Transit Center Diagram

Partnering with the SFMTA

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) manages and operates the Salesforce Transit Center. As a partner agency, SFMTA provided technical support and design input for the project with transit power infrastructure for Muni buses and the design of the street level bus plaza. SFMTA traffic engineering has and will continue to help guide construction on city streets for necessary utility relocations and construction of the below grade train box.

Project History

The original Transbay Terminal at First and Mission streets, opened in 1939 and was a regional transit hub for over 60 years. It was closed in 2010 to make way for a new world-class transit center that will serve the region. While construction of the new Salesforce Transit Center took place, a Temporary Transbay Terminal served Muni and AC Transit for 8 years, ensuring our customers were able to continue traveling to and from the heart of downtown San Francisco from all over the region.

Muni began serving the Salesforce Transit Center in 2017, when the 5 Fulton moved to the Bus Plaza. In 2018, the 5R, 7, 38 and 38R also moved to the Bus Plaza, with the 25 Treasure Island and all other transit agencies moving in for Transit Center's offical grand opening event held in August 2018. The Transit Center was temporarily closed September 25, 2018 when a fissure was discovered on a beam at the Fremont Street location. After repairs and inspections completed, the Transit Center re-opened to the public on July 1, 2019. For details about the repairs, visit the Salesforce Transit Center website.

Check out the video from our partner TJPA about the history of the original Transbay Terminal and the design of the new Transit Center. 


Funding for the project is provided through TJPA and includes federal grants, proceeds from the sale of state property in the area, loans and local (SF) sources.

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