Muni Metro Rail

N Judah

24 hours daily
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Service Frequencies
ScheduleMorning*MiddayEveningLate Night*Owl

* Between subway hours and Owl service, use the N Bus.

See below for detailed schedule information and live data.



    East to Caltrain via Downtown
    West to Ocean Beach

    This route serves Ocean Beach at La Playa St.


    Judah and La Playa via Judah, 9th Avenue, Irving, Arguello (UCSF), Carl, Sunset tunnel, Duboce, Market Street subway, The Embarcadero, King Street to 4th (Caltrain).


    From King and 4th (Caltrain) via King, The Embarcadero, Market Street subway, Duboce, Sunset tunnel, Carl, Arguello, Irving (UCSF), 9th Avenue, Judah to La Playa.

    Muni Metro station served: Van Ness

    Muni Metro/BART stations served: Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery, Embarcadero

    Owl service: See N-Judah Owl.

    N Judah Alternatives