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How To Stroll With Your Stroller

Friday, May 10, 2019

Current SFMTA policy allows travel on Muni with strollers:

We always like to keep our riders informed on the best way to use our system. One question we frequently get, "What do I do with my stroller?" SFMTA policy allows travel on Muni with strollers.

In the past, it was different, until the SF Board of Supervisors adopted a 2012 resolution urging us to make changes to our stroller policy. We’ve reiterated this “strollers are allowed” policy in recent years. In 2019 we updated the stroller policy.

Which means it’s a good time to educate staff and the public about strollers being permitted, with some caveats about public safety. Priority seats should still be given to seniors and people with disabilities and aisles should be kept clear. You can ask your Muni Operator to use the lift or ramp to get on/off the bus. Strollers only need to be collapsed on cable cars, un-collapsed or open strollers with brakes set can be on all other Muni vehicles.

On our new bus fleet, a designated stroller area is located at the rear of the vehicle. Board through the rear doors and you will find a single flip-up seat with a stroller icon on it. Flip this seat up and place your stroller here. Please make sure the wheel brake is set.

A designated Stroller area is located at the rear of the vehicle.

Late 2017, timed with the new LRV4 launch, the SFMTA embarked on a Muni Etiquette campaign that took song lyrics and encouraged desired customer behavior and used the tagline “This is your Muni” to promote public ownership in caring for the new trains. Spearheaded by the Communications & Marketing team, this fun campaign borrowed lyrics and made puns referencing Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Outkast, Bob Marley, Notorious BIG, Simon & Garfunkel and more.


In April the SFMTA asked Golden Gate Mothers Group to decide between two different stroller-related campaigns, using song lyrics. At the top of this blog is the winning artwork, referencing the oldie by Sonny & Cher.