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Islais Creek Community Room Now Accepting Reservations

Monday, March 11, 2019

Islais Creek Muni Yard

We are excited to announce that the Islais Creek Community Room is now accepting reservation applications within its newest bus maintenance and operating facility, Islais Creek. The facility began operating last summer on the north shore of Islais Creek in the Central Waterfront area. The facility accommodates both 40-foot and 60-foot hybrid buses by keeping them clean, in good working order and on the road where they belong… moving San Franciscans and visitors. 

As the neighborhood slowly transforms around the new facility, the SFMTA is contributing by providing a community room where non-profit organizations, community groups and government entities can gather. SFMTA staff worked with residents, organizations, and community group members such as Potrero Boosters, Dogpatch Neighborhood Association, International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and Friends of Islais Creek to ensure the room is accessible on the ground level and 2nd floor viewing area. The room is located on Indiana Street at the ground floor level adjacent to Shoreline Park and is equipped with an ADA accessible kitchen, restrooms and projector screen. The space can be reserved up to four hours at a time from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday and accommodates up to 87 people. 

Islais Creek Community Room
Islais Creek Community Room

When applicants reserve the community room, they can view the creek from above by accessing the 2nd floor Islais Creek Viewing Area.  Access to the Islais Creek Viewing Area is limited to 12 people at one time, due to site capacity and building code requirements.

Islais Creek Viewing Area

Islais Creek Viewing Area

Some helpful things to know about the Islais Creek Community Room and Viewing Area include:

  • Eligible Groups can make reservations to utilize the Islais Creek Community Room on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Reservations must be submitted at least seven days in advance. 
  • Reservation confirmations or denials will be sent by email within two business days after the Islais Creek Community Room application is submitted.
  • There is no public parking within the facility, but on-street parking may be found on Indiana or Cesar Chavez streets. The facility can be accessed by the T Third light rail. The stop is located two blocks east of the facility at Third and Marin streets.
  • The Group must identify the ‘primary and secondary contact persons’ for the meeting in the reservation application.
  • Audio/Visual: There is a projector screen in the room, but you will need to bring your own cables, laptop, projector and speakers.
  • A $200 check made out to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will be required as a refundable security deposit (the $200 deposit does not apply to other City & County of San Francisco departments). 

You can review the reservation policy and submit your reservation request by visiting the Islais Creek Community Room Reservation Page.