Meet the People of the Next Generation CIS: Leon Yu

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

This blog series profiles a few of the people building SFMTA’s the Next Generation Customer Information System (CIS) – a major overhaul of Muni’s prediction system. In our previous blog, we met Jason Lee.

Each staff in this series are part of a large project team contributing their individual expertise to improve transportation for the community. The SFMTA is proud of their work and accomplishments as they advance our Next Generation CIS.

Headshot of SFMTA staff Leon Yu

Leon Yu, Graphic Artist, Creative Services  

What do you do on the project? 

I help design the user experience: What users see on the new displays, how they see it and how often they see it, down to the actual graphics.  

How do you feel your work impacts our customers? Who will benefit? 

My work communicates transit information to customers as cleanly and clearly as possible, so the information is easy for any member of the public to understand. We only have a small space to work with on the displays, so we must make it count. It has to be accessible to people of all backgrounds, languages and abilities, and easy for everyone to get information quickly at a glance.

What was your favorite part of the project? 

My favorite part is working with the team and all the different CIS systems. This is such a multidisciplinary project involving many staff and people I’ve never worked with before. Being able to collaborate with so many dedicated colleagues is rewarding.  

What do you like most about working at the SFMTA? 

As a graphic designer, my work is always on display. Being able to see my work in public and see Muni riders engage with my work to get information that helps them with their trip is exciting and satisfying.  

To learn more about this challenging and important project visit the project home page (