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Fall 2022 Next Generation Muni Customer Information System Updates

As part of our Next Generation Customer Information System (CIS) project,  we are installing over 800 new, larger Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) at Muni shelters and stations.  These displays are replacing existing NextBus signs and expanding real-time information coverage to locations such as the Bayview and Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit stations. They show real-time multilingual information including graphics, maps and destinations. So far, we are over halfway to completion, with over 435 new displays installed in shelters.

LCD screen with Muni predictions on the left of the image and old digital prediction screens on the right of the image

New LCD displays (left) are replacing the previous Muni information signs (right).

Beginning this fall, Muni predictions on our new and improved Next Generation displays will include:

  • Crowding. On vehicles equipped with automatic passenger counters, displays will show how crowded they are.
  • Short-term route changes. We’ll be able to show planned short-term route changes, such as routing around special events. 

We are aiming to replace the remaining signs by the end of 2023. The remaining locations are taking a bit more time because they require complex design and structural engineering work, and the manufacturing of specialized mounting brackets.

The remaining work includes:

  • Overhead displays mounted to station canopies along the T Third, M Ocean View and N Judah outdoor rail platforms
  • Double-sided displays viewable from outside the shelter at some of our highest ridership stops, many of which are in Equity neighborhoods
  • Displays mounted at F Market & Wharves historic streetcar shelters along the Embarcadero and Fisherman’s Wharf 

Additionally, we are working on new displays locations with an emphasis on underserved neighborhoods, such as those identified by the Bayview Community Based Transportation Plan.

Map of San Francisco showing locations where LCD screens have been or will be installed

Map of New Next Generation Customer Information Display Installations

What’s Next for Next Generation Upgrades?

MuniMobile. In 2023 we will be rolling out our revamped MuniMobile to be an all-in-one mobile trip planner and ticketing app. Riders will be able to "look, book and pay."  The app will include all-in-one mobile ticketing and trip planning for Muni. The trip planner will offer point-to-point directions and estimated arrival times. Riders can choose language, accessibility and service preferences. Live trip tracking will inform Muni riders of changes to their journeys in real time.

Better Predictions. New features will include:

  • Terminal Departure Predictions.  We will improve predictions for terminals and stops near the beginning of a route.  This includes reducing the number of “ghost buses”, or countdowns to a vehicle that never arrives
  • Dynamic maps.  Displays will show live vehicle locations. 
  • Accessibility information. The MuniMobile Trip Planner will show riders accessible options 
  • Alternative routes.  Displays will show nearby parallel routes as possible alternatives that might get customers to their destinations faster. 
  • Transfer connection predictions.  We will provide information about transfer connections to other Muni routes.  
  • Regional Connections.  We will provide information about connecting transit systems like BART, SamTrans and Golden Gate Transit. 
  • Real-time service changes.  We will provide information about unplanned service detours and delays.

Get Real-Time Stop Information

Due to the nationwide AT&T 3G shutdown on June 8, NextMuni displays that use 3G modems no longer show information. We have been upgrading to 4G modems to continue to provide predictions while we roll out the new LCD display and prepare more significant system software upgrades.

For displays locations remain impacted by the 3G shutdown, riders can obtain real-time stop information by using the stop ID number posted at the bus stop:

  • Online enter followed by the stop ID number (no spaces). Example: The stop at Market and 11th streets with stop ID 13245 can be found
  • Text “NextMuni” and the stop ID number to 41411. Example: For the stop at Market and 11th with stop ID 13245, send the text “NextMuni 13245” to 41411.
  • Call 511 and say “Departure Times” and the stop ID. Example: For the stop at Market and 11th with stop ID 13245, say “Departure times 13245.”

Project Background

The Next Generation CIS project will provide Muni riders better information to plan their trips. The following features will also make traveling on Muni easier:

  • Upgraded system software for more accurate service predictions
  • Multimedia LCD digital displays that can accommodate more information and a clearer visual display
  • On-board digital displays that show current vehicle locations on a map so customers can see where they are along the route and real-time transfer information
  • An updated MuniMobile app with trip planning capabilities
  • A data analytics platform that will help us make better planning decisions and improve service

Public input prioritized these customer needs for the new real-time information system. When the project is complete, customers will notice major improvements. The system will provide more accurate arrival predictions. It will be able to show map views of vehicle locations on displays and in the mobile app. It will include transfer connection predictions and directions to alternative routes. Lines with automatic counters will be able to provide estimates on crowding. Riders will also see current information about reroutes, delays, service interruptions and more.  

Thanks for your patience as we work to improve the Muni system.