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Muni Has a Courtesy Campaign That’s Hopefully Music to Your Ears

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Every month the hardworking Muni Customer Service staff respond to thousands of calls, emails and tweets from our riders. Sometimes they’re compliments about a terrific transit operator or praise for our new buses and trains, and yes—we get an earful of commuter complaints, too. We field all kinds of feedback about Muni service, and what we hear helps us improve your rider experience in many ways – from added service to better boarding safety.  

This is your Muni

But no matter how many improvements we make to Muni, there’s one issue that we still hear about –rider behavior. Whether it’s backpacks blocking the aisles at rush hour, or crowding by the doors or someone playing music without headphones on—we’ve heard it all.

This is Your Muni

So when we cut the ribbon on our new trains in 2017, we decided to launch a courtesy campaign as well. Rather than a finger-wagging PSA campaign or a bulleted list of what not to do, we had a little fun with it. Using song references and celebrating the aspects of the new train, we created “This is Your Muni” campaign.

This is your Muni

We are regularly adding new trains to the system, so your odds of getting on one are ever-increasing. All totaled we will have 64 new trains added to the system in the next 10 years. We also plan to roll a bus version of the campaign out in the coming months.

This is your Muni

The courtesy campaign was created by the SFMTA Communications team, but we are happy to crowdsource for more song ideas. Provide your punn-y ideas in the comment section below, and you just might find them on a bus or train in the near future.

This is your Muni

In the meantime, don’t forget you can Rate Your Ride, including other rider behavior on the MuniMobile app.
 This Is Your Muni

If you like this campaign, be sure to review our previous public awareness campaigns.