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Muni Service Changes on Aug 12: 7R Replaced, Stop Changes on San Bruno Ave

Monday, August 7, 2017

An 8 Bayshore Muni bus traveling on San Bruno Avenue.
An 8 Bayshore Muni bus on San Bruno Avenue. Photo: munidave/Flickr

Muni Forward service changes are coming this Saturday, Aug. 12 and Monday, Aug. 14 to simplify and improve service on the 7, 8, 8AX, 9 and 90 Owl routes. Here’s a breakdown of the changes ahead.

7 Rapid Service Becomes 7 Local Service, All Day

Starting Monday, Aug. 14, the 7R Haight/Noriega Rapid will be known simply as the 7 Haight/Noriega to help make service easier to navigate for Muni riders.

While 7R buses will drop the “R” designation, service on the route will remain virtually the same. Since 7R buses only skip a few stops on Haight Street, between Masonic Avenue and Gough Street, they save little time compared to local 7 buses.

With this change, all buses on the route will be marked as the “7” and serve all stops on Haight. There will be no change to the frequency or hours of service. If you usually take the 7R, please be sure to board the local 7 instead.

San Bruno Ave. Stop Changes for the 8, 8AX, 9 and 90 Owl

Starting Saturday, Aug. 12, a number of transit stops will be removed, moved and upgraded on outer San Bruno Avenue, between Silver and Arleta avenues, for the 8 Bayshore, 8AX Bayshore Express, 9 San Bruno and 90 San Bruno Owl routes.

These changes come as part of the Muni Forward San Bruno Ave. Multimodal Improvement Project to make service faster and more reliable on the 8, 8AX, 9 and 90.

Here are the stop changes:

8/8AX/9/90 Stops Removed and Added

Northbound: two stops will be removed.

  • San Bruno at Wilde Avenue, northeast corner
  • San Bruno at Ward Street, mid-block

A new stop will be added on San Bruno at Harkness Avenue, midway between these locations.

Southbound: one underused stop will also be removed.

  • San Bruno at Woolsey Street, northwest corner

As an alternative, riders can use the existing stops on San Bruno at Dwight or Bacon streets.

One 8/8AX/9/90 Stop Moved

One stop will be moved across the intersection, from the southeast corner to the northeast corner.

  • Northbound: 3801 San Bruno Avenue (between Somerset Street and Campbell Avenue)

This move will allow Muni buses to pass through green lights before serving the stop, which reduces service delays.

Three 8/8AX/9/90 Stops Upgraded

Three “flag” stops will be upgraded with new curbside bus zones.

  • Northbound and Southbound: San Bruno at Somerset Street
  • Southbound: 3800 San Bruno Avenue (between Somerset and Campbell Avenue)

These are just the first changes planned as part of the San Bruno Ave. Multimodal Improvement Project to make this area of San Bruno safer and work more efficiently. Check out our Muni Forward webpage to learn more about our efforts to create a better Muni, and stay tuned by signing up for updates.