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New Bayview-Hunters Point Bus Express Route Alternatives: Vote by November 15

Thursday, November 12, 2020

In response to deep community engagement, the SFMTA's FY 2021-22 Muni Service Equity Strategy and the Southeast Muni Expansion Project recommended adding express service from the Bayview to Downtown. The disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on people of color and low-income people has made fast-tracking this service even more important. We are asking for feedback to help us identify the future route of this crucial new service. 

This new express bus service aligns with our transportation priorities as we respond to and recover from the pandemic. Adding capacity to routes that help San Franciscans make essential trips and prioritizing neighborhoods with high concentrations of essential workers and those most impacted by the pandemic are goals in SFMTA’s Transportation Recovery Plan (TRP). This effort also minimizes travel time to reduce how long customers are in our vehicles, which are goals in our SFMTA’s Transportation Recovery Plan

The proposed route options are estimated to take about 36 to 45 minutes one-way from end to end. The new express route from Bayview-Hunters Point would improve access to downtown, provide shorter travel times and reflect the priorities of neighborhood residents. 

  A map with the three route alternatives represented by options A,B and C.

Proposed route alternatives for Bayview Hunters Point Express 

How We Came Up With the Options 

Due to the pandemic, the SFMTA project team formed a virtual Working Group that was instrumental in shaping the three route options.  Members of the Working Group were: 

  • Alyssa Jones Garner (CCSF)  

  • Earl Shaddix (Economic on Third, EDoT)  

  • Emily Rogers-Pharr (PUC)  

  • Frank Martinez (BMAGIC)  

  • Juanita Washington  

  • Lyslynn Lacoste (BMAGIC)  

  • J.R. Eppler  

  • Nicole Christian (SFMTA)

  • Raina Johnson  

The Working Group identified key priorities, downtown destinations customers wanted access to and providing other critical information to help the project team engage the greater Bayview Community to make a final decision.   

Photo of a storefront window, displaying the Bayview-Hunters Point Downtown Express Survey poster  

Signs posted at neighborhood businesses and Muni bus stops on 3rd Street 

Please take our survey and vote on your preferred route alternative. The survey will be open until Sunday, November 15. Project staff will review feedback from the Bayview community and a final route identified. 

Bayview Express Survey (English) 

Bayview Express Survey (Spanish) 

Bayview Express Survey (Chinese) 

Bayview Express Survey (Filipino) 

Please visit the Bayview-Hunters Point Express page for more information.