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Southeast Muni Expansion

The Southeast Muni Expansion includes new Muni bus routes, Muni bus route extensions and reroutes, and more frequent service on existing Muni bus routes in San Francisco’s southeastern neighborhoods – Bayview, Hunters Point, and Visitacion Valley.


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The following Muni bus service improvement options would be funded by the Candlestick Point-Hunters Point Shipyard development projects. Since there is a set amount of funding from the developments, not every option can be implemented. The results from this survey will help the SFMTA determine which options should be prioritized.

Implementation of the initial bus service options is anticipated to begin along with the next major phases of the development projects in 2021. If construction schedules for the development projects change, the timeline for implementing bus service improvements would change as well.


Project Timeline 
2018 to 2020
Community Outreach and Environmental Planning
Develop draft service expansion opportunities
Implementation of Muni services
Current Phase or Stage 
Planning and Environmental
Predicted Completion 
Fall 2020
Project Status 
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Expand transit access and service
Project Details, History or Features 


The Southeast Muni Expansion includes new Muni bus routes, route extensions and reroutes, and more frequent service on existing Muni bus routes in San Francisco's southeastern neighborhoods - Bayview, Hunters Point, and Visitacion Valley. Coupled with the near-term transit service improvements being made as part of the Muni Service Equity Strategy, Southeast Muni Expansion will provide faster and more frequent bus service to downtown San Francisco and other destinations throughout the City. The Southeast Muni Expansion is expected to be implemented in phases beginning in 2021 as the communities in southeastern San Francisco grow, while helping to meet the travel needs of existing neighborhoods.

The Southeast Muni Expansion will include neighbors, businesses and community  organizations in shaping the Muni bus service improvements that will be  implemented as development moves forward. This project is one component of the SFMTA’s commitment to improve transit for all San Francisco residents.

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The largest development project in the area, the Candlestick Point-Hunters Point Shipyard, includes plans for several new Muni bus routes and extensions. Major components of the current transit plan include new downtown express bus routes and the Geneva Harney Bus Rapid Transit project, a high-capacity  bus route proposed to run from the Balboa Park BART Station to the new development. Over the years, development plans and travel patterns have changed. To ensure that the plan provides meaningful benefits to both existing and future communities, the transit improvements will need to be updated. Southeast Muni Expansion will include revisions to the Candlestick Point-Hunters Point Shipyard transit service plan to ensure that the future Muni bus service improvements meet the needs of all neighborhoods in southeastern San Francisco.

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Next Steps

The SFMTA has developed several concepts for future Muni bus service improvements. Now, SFMTA staff is gathering community feedback to inform decisions about which bus service improvements will move forward as part of the Southeast Muni Expansion. Current outreach efforts are anticipated to continue through winter 2018. SFMTA staff will analyze the feedback received, incorporate it into the Southeast Muni Expansion plans, and host  additional community events to share the revised plans.

To provide a connected vision, the Southeast Muni Expansion team is also partnering with the Bayview Community Based Transportation Plan and the San Francisco County Transportation  Authority’s District 10 Mobility Study. Implementation of the first phases of the Southeast Muni Expansion is  expected to begin in 2021.

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