New Rebate Programs Will Help Taxis Go Electric

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

An illustration of a green electric vehicle being charged at a station.

We are proud to announce the launch of two groundbreaking rebate programs to spearhead efforts to reduce vehicle emissions in the city's taxi industry. Supported by a generous grant of nearly $350,000 from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (TA), these initiatives represent a significant step towards a more environmentally friendly transportation landscape.

Clean Air Taxi Rebate: Accelerating the Shift to Electric Taxis

Building on its success since the program’s inception in 2012, the Clean Air Taxi Rebate program has been instrumental in reducing emissions from San Francisco's taxi industry. Low-emission vehicles comprise over 90% of the city's taxi fleet, making it one of the cleanest in the nation. 

Now, the SFMTA is taking a bold step forward to transition to a completely zero-emission taxi fleet. Under the Clean Air Taxi Rebate program, we will provide rebates ranging from $3,750 to $30,000 to qualifying taxi companies and operators who upgrade their previous gas-powered or hybrid taxis to electric vehicles (EVs). 

To participate in this program, taxi companies and operators must purchase an EV, and both new and used EVs are eligible for rebates. Participants also have the flexibility to lease EVs if they prefer.

EV Charging Infrastructure Rebate: Fueling the Future with Charging Stations  

In conjunction with the Clean Air Taxi Rebate, the SFMTA is introducing an EV Charging Infrastructure Voucher Rebate program to bolster the city's EV charging infrastructure, specifically for electric taxis. The SFMTA will provide a rebate of 90% of the total cost for the construction of EV charging stations. The estimated cost is $90,000 per charger for DC fast chargers with a six-vehicle-per-day capacity, which would yield a rebate of $81,000. To ensure efficient use of these charging stations, this rebate is exclusively available for permitted taxi companies.  

Both Programs: Transforming Transportation Together

Both the Clean Air Taxi Rebate and the EV Charging Infrastructure Rebate programs operate on a first-come, first-served basis and are expected to run for two years or until funding runs out. Should participation levels exceed expectations, the SFMTA will consider requesting additional funding from the BAAQMD and the TA on an annual basis to sustain these programs beyond 2025.  

If you have questions about these innovative rebate programs, please send an email to  

For more detailed information regarding the EV taxi rebate please visit the Clean Air Taxi Rebate page and for more information about the EV charging infrastructure visit the EV Charging Installation Rebate Page