Clean Air Taxi Rebate

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The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) aims to improve the sustainability of all transportation-related industries and modes within San Francisco, including taxis. The previous Clean Air Taxi Rebate program, beginning in 2020, incentivized taxi drivers and taxi companies to make the switch to low-emission vehicles through the provision of rebate funds. In doing so, the SFMTA and the taxi industry worked to help the city to reach its climate goal, 80% of trips taken by sustainable means by 2030. Currently, with over 90% low-emission vehicles, San Francisco has the cleanest taxi fleet of any major city in the nation. To further solidify itself as a national leader, the SFMTA is offering a new taxi rebate program to help facilitate the taxi industry’s transition to clean vehicles.  

The SFMTA is rolling out the Clean Air Taxi Rebate program to reach the City’s 2050 climate goal, replacing 80% of low-emission trips with 80% zero-emission trips. Beginning October 2023, the SFMTA is offering a rebate to any qualifying taxi company or operator who has purchased or leased an EV (electric vehicle) to replace their previous gas-powered or hybrid vehicle. Rebate amounts vary depending on the driver’s decision to scrap their previous vehicle as well as the model year and fuel type of the scrapped vehicle.  

A taxi driver who chooses to scrap their previous vehicle may receive a rebate of no more than 90% of the value of the newly purchased or leased EV. Depending on the previously owned vehicle’s model year, the rebate amount falls between $5,500 and $30,000. A taxi driver who previously operated a hybrid taxi vehicle may receive 75% of the rebate amount for each model year if they choose to scrap their previous vehicle. A rebate estimate, based on the vehicle model year and the fuel type, is provided in the table below. 

A taxi driver who chooses not to scrap their vehicle may receive a rebate of $3,750, regardless of the model year and the fuel type.  

The Clean Air Taxi Rebate program is first-come, first-served and will last until June 30, 2025, or until the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) grant of $186,000 runs out. 

Drivers and companies seeking to participate in the SFMTA rebate program must purchase or lease an EV to receive any amount of money. Both new and previously owned EVs (electric vehicles) qualify for the rebate


You are eligible to receive this rebate if ALL of the following apply to you: 

  • You are a current active medallion holder, color scheme, or taxi driver with a valid A-card in good standing. 

  • You have purchased an EV (electric vehicle) as a replacement for your previous gas-powered or hybrid taxi vehicle. 

  • Previous vehicle was registered and operated as a taxi vehicle for a minimum of two years.

  • Your EV has been fully introduced into the taxi fleet and is actively providing trips. 

  • You agree to operate your EV as a taxi for at least two years. 

  • Your EV is properly transmitting trip data. 

See the Taxi EV Rebate Checklist to determine the steps for eligibility.

Table to show rebate when scrapping the previous gas-powered or hybrid taxi vehicle:



Gasoline Vehicles 

Hybrid Vehicles 

2002 or older




























































Example Scenarios 

If you currently operate a 2009 gas-powered vehicle, you may receive a rebate of $13,500 after scrapping the 2009 vehicle and purchasing an EV replacement

If you currently operate a 2018 hybrid vehicle, you may receive a rebate of $7,500 after scrapping the 2018 vehicle and purchasing an EV replacement

If you choose not to scrap your previous vehicle, you may only receive a rebate of $3,750 after purchasing an EV replacement, regardless of the previous vehicle’s model year and fuel type. 

If you currently operate a gas-powered vehicle and purchase a hybrid vehicle as a replacement, you are not eligible for the rebate and will receive $0, regardless of whether you scrap your previous vehicle. 

What is an EV (Electric Vehicle)?

An EV is a vehicle fully powered by electricity and not operating on gasoline. 

EVs Currently Available in the USA 

Make & Model 


Audi e-tron 

 $    65,900  

Audi e-tron GT 

 $  102,400  

Audi Q4 e-tron 

 $    43,900  

BMW i4 eDrive40 

 $    55,400  

BMW iX xDrive50 

 $    83,200  

Chevrolet Bolt EUV 

 $    33,500  

Chevrolet Bolt EV 

 $    31,500  

Ford Mustang Mach-E 

 $    43,895  

GMC Hummer EV Pickup 

 $  110,295  

Hyundai Ioniq 5 

 $    43,650  

Hyundai Kona 

 $    34,000  

Jaguar I-Pace 

 $    69,900  

Kia EV6 

 $    40,900  

Kia Niro EV 

 $    39,900  

Lucid Air Pure 

 $    77,400  

Mazda MX-30 

 $    33,470  

Mercedes EQS 

 $  102,310  

Mini Cooper SE 

 $    29,900  

Nissan Leaf 

 $    27,400  

Polestar 2 

 $    45,900  

Porsche Taycan 

 $    82,700  

Rivian R1S 

 $    72,500  

Rivian R1T 

 $    67,500  

Tesla Model 3 

 $    44,990  

Tesla Model S 

 $    94,990  

Tesla Model X 

 $    98,940  

Tesla Model Y Long Range 

 $    53,940  

Volkswagen ID.4 

 $    40,760  

Volvo C40 Recharge 

 $    58,750  

Volvo XC40 Recharge 

 $    55,300 

*Vehicles in bold have an MSRP below $40,000. 

What Does Not Qualify as an EV 

  • Hybrid Vehicles, including plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) 

  • Gas-powered Vehicles 

If you have questions about a vehicle and whether it qualifies, please contact  

Required Documents 

To request a rebate, please submit the following documents via email to

Eligibility Checklist 

EV Taxi Vehicle Replacement Documentation: 

  • Vehicle Registration (photo example)

  • IRS Form W-9 

  • Proof of Sale (one of the following): 

    • Bill of Sale (if from a dealer or auction) (photo example)

    • Vehicle Lease Agreement (if EV is leased – must be for a minimum of three years) (photo example)

  • Payment (one of the following): 

  • Photos 

    • EV before and after conversion to a taxi 

    • Grant sticker placed on the EV 

  • (For large cab company fleet purchases only) Spreadsheet listing each EV’s 

    • Make 

    • Model 

    • Year 

    • Fuel Type (any vehicle eligible for the rebate should be “Electric”) 

    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 

    • Date of First Service as a Taxi 

**NOTE: We will NOT accept photos of cash or Vehicle Transfer Forms as valid proof of purchase. For cash payment, we will only accept cashier’s checks. 

Additional Required Documentation – Scrapped Vehicles 

A taxi operator or company who chooses to scrap their previous vehicle must provide additional documentation listed below. 

Previous Scrapped Taxi Vehicle Documentation: 

  • Vehicle Registration (photo example)

    • Must demonstrate vehicle’s use as a taxi for 2 years 

  • Photos 

    • Vehicle operating as a taxi 

A taxi driver who chooses not to scrap their previous vehicle does not need to provide any previous taxi vehicle documentation (only EV taxi vehicle replacement documentation). 

Rebate Distribution Timeline 

The rebate is split into three amounts that are distributed across two years in the following sequence: 


AMOUNT (% of Total) 


1st Amount 


Upon approval 

2nd Amount 


After 1st year of eligibility 

3rd Amount 


After 2nd year of eligibility 

Taxi drivers and taxi companies are encouraged to explore other local, state, or federal rebate programs for purchasing zero-emissions vehicles in addition to the Clean Air Taxi rebate program. 

For questions, please visit the FAQs – Clean Air Taxi Rebate page or contact us. 


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