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New Twin Peaks Proposals: Survey Open Until November 9th

Friday, October 30, 2020

Map with a blue line indicating both the north and south gates open at all time for vehicles as were conditions pre-pandemic. A green line indicates the east side of the figure eight is reserved for pedestrians and biking. The west side of the figure eight is reserved for two-way traffic.

The Twin Peaks Boulevard gates were closed early in the pandemic to reduce crowding at Christmas Tree Point lookout parking lot. Since then, Twin Peaks Park use has increased significantly among people walking, rolling, hiking, jogging and bicycling, with an average of over 800 visiting each weekday and over 1,100 on weekend days.

While the new park configuration received support, it also resulted in community concerns regarding accessibility for people with disabilities and negative neighborhood impacts. In an attempt to address concerns, local roadway access is now available via the Portola Drive south gate daily between 6:00 p.m. and midnight. 

The SFMTA is working with the community and other city departments including Recreation and Parks, the Police Department and Public Works, on new ideas to ensure access that balances the needs on Twin Peaks.

Project Goals:

  • Restoring access to the viewpoint, especially for people with disabilities 
  • Providing a space for people walking and rolling that allows for physical distancing 
  • Reducing negative impacts by park users on neighbors 
  • Retaining the extraordinary increase in new park users by maintaining safe, continuous routes for those traveling on foot, bicycle and assistive mobility devices

The survey is now closed, but we are excited to have received more than 1,700 responsesCommunity feedback will be analyzed and final proposals shared with the community. 

For more information on Twin Peaks please visit our Twin Peaks For All project page.

Photo of a survey poster on top of Twin Peaks

Posters were placed around Twin Peaks to alert visitors to the new design proposals and survey