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School’s Back — Muni’s Ready with Extra Service & More

Monday, August 17, 2015

Did you know that almost two-thirds of San Francisco Unified School District students use Muni to get home from school? With school back in session today, we’re adding Muni service specifically to help San Francisco’s school kids get to and from school reliably and on time for the morning bell. And we’re making sure students can travel to and from school safely and affordably through programs like Free Muni for Youth, discounted youth fares and the Muni Transit Assistance Program (MTAP).

Muni is a convenient option for school-goers, with most schools located within a five-minute walk of a transit stop. Muni sees close to 29,000 student boardings on an average school day. In response to this high demand, we provide supplemental after-school service from 27 middle and high schools throughout the city. Referred to as “school trippers,” these added runs begin at a school once the school day has ended and then merge into the regular bus route.

Another important factor in providing additional school service is ensuring that students have the means to board the bus, which led to the Free Muni for Youth Program. This program which provides low to moderate income city youth between the ages of five and 18 (students enrolled in Special Education Services are eligible until the age of 22) with a special Clipper Card to help them meet their transportation needs whether it be in the morning or afternoon. Since Free Muni for Youth was started in March of 2013, nearly 27,000 students have enrolled into the program.

Another way we work to make student travel safer is by utilizing the Muni Transit Assistance Program. Since launching in 1996, MTAP works with and trains members of the community in conflict resolution who then ride on specific routes with the purpose of diffusing and deterring any conflicts, acts of vandalism, and who assist the bus operators as needed.

Whether it’s establishing 15-mile-per-hour school zones, improving crosswalks or constructing bulb out transit stops, the SFMTA is constantly working to improve service and increase safety for all riders. As Muni’s fleet is gradually replaced by larger and more efficient vehicles and Muni Forward projects lead to service increases and overall transit improvements throughout the city, Muni will continue to provide both the children and school district will service well into the future.

Muni bus drives on Mansell Street past a school crossing sign with cypress trees and houses in the background.