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A Seafaring Past and a Lovely Vista at Aquatic Park

Friday, August 14, 2015

Twice a month we share some of our favorite destinations in the city and the Muni routes and lines that will take you there.

A daytime view of Aquatic Park

Aquatic Park, located at the foot of Polk Street and just a short walk from the visitor center and Hyde Street Pier. Photo taken July 17, 2015.

With its waterside promenade, fascinating maritime museum and historic ships afloat in a protected cove, the Aquatic Park Historic District (or just "Aquatic Park") offers a peek into our seafaring past and a lovely view of the San Francisco Bay of today.

A national historic landmark, Aquatic Park includes includes a beach, bathouse, municipal pier and concession stands for the enjoyment of visitors and locals alike. And it's easily accessible by multiple Muni bus and rail options (see our list below).

Did You Know?

  • Aquatic Park was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987and added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 26, 1984.
  • The park is located at the foot of Polk Street and is a short walk from the Hyde Street Pier.
  • The beach at Aquatic Park is one of the cleanest in the state.
  • Located in the park near the corner of Beach and Larkin Streets is California Historical Landmark marker No. 236, honoring the Spanish packet San Carlos, which on August 5, 1775, became the first ship to enter San Francisco Bay.

How to Get There

Muni Bus Routes

19 Polk, 30 Stockton, 47 Van Ness, 49 Van Ness/Mission

Muni Rail Lines

Both the Hyde and Powell Cable Car Lines deliver customers directly into Aquatic Park

The F Line and Muni's new weekend-only E Embarcadero Line deliver customers within walking distance from the park