ATTN: OB #JChurch blocked at San Jose and Randall due to an automobile on the trackway. Expect possible OB switchback at Church & Day. (More: 18 in last 48 hours)

19 Polk

5am - 10pm daily
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Outbound to Hunters Point
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Donahue, Innes, Middle Point, Evans (U.S. Post Office), Cesar Chavez, Connecticut, Wisconsin, 26th, Kansas, 23rd, Deharo, 16th, Rhode Island, Division, Townsend, 7th (Civic Center Muni Metro/BART), Market (one curb stop), Larkin, Geary, Polk, North Point, Larkin, Beach to Polk.


Beach and Polk via Beach, Polk, Eddy, Hyde, 8th (Civic Center Muni Metro/BART), Division, Rhode Island, 26th, Wisconsin, 25th, Connecticut, Cesar Chavez, Evans (U.S. Post Office), Middle Point, Innes, Donahue to Navy Gate.

Please note, only Navy Yard employees with documentation may proceed inside the gate to the terminal at Galvez and Horn.