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Spooky Greetings, Muni Riders!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Matt West in Muni’s Accessible Services shop for this special post. In case you missed it last year, he and his colleagues put together a great video reminding everyone that the front Muni seats are for individuals who are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, such as seniors and people with disabilities. It’s so much fun, we wanted to share it again. And, remember, even if you’re not in one of the ADA seats, please keep an eye out for someone who may need a seat more than you. Thanks and thank you for riding Muni!

Around this time of year things get a little spooky at the MTA. Ghosts and ghouls of all sorts come out of the woodwork, and you never know just who you might meet on the bus! On this trip we met some ghosts and ghouls from Access: SFUSD at the Arc, which is a transition program for students with disabilities, and decided to have a little fun.

We thought you might enjoy the results: a short music video called "The Muni Mash." This was created by the SFMTA Accessibility Advisory Committee and features committee members, SFMTA staff, and students from the Access SF Unified School District program.

Many thanks to the staff, students and committee members who volunteered their time and talents! Feel free to share and re-post.

The Muni Mash: full length 3 min: http://youtu.be/H5swO8nek08

The Muni Mash: short version 2 min: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWGjtHSoAy0

Have a Happy Halloween, and please remember to move those feet and yield those seats!

People in costume sitting on a Muni bus: man on left wears a police hat, sunglasses and werewolf gloves; person on right wears a skeleton mask, great sweatshirt and is carrying a scylthe. People in background are singing.