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Public Hearing - Travel lane and parking changes on Gough, Fell, and Hayes streets

Friday, March 31, 2017 - 10:00am
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA

The SFMTA is proposing some minor changes to travel lanes and parking in the Hayes Valley neighborhood to be heard at a public hearing on March 31st at 10 AM (San Francisco City Hall, Room 416).

Gough Street (Hayes to Fell)

On Gough Street between Hayes and Fell streets, we are proposing to convert the curb-side right turn lane into parking. Our analysis shows that two right turn lanes are neither functioning well nor necessary for traffic flow, and that a single lane will make it easier for Muni buses and other large vehicles to turn onto Fell Street. This will also simplify the pedestrian crossing at Gough and Fell streets and add approximately seven new parking spaces on Gough Street. This is being pursued at a pilot with parking regulated with two-hour time limits; if traffic is not adversely affected, as we expect, we will install parking meters and commercial loading spaces along this block.

Fell Street (Franklin to Gough) & Hayes Street (Linden to Gough)

We are proposing an extension of the existing PM peak tow-away lane on Fell Street between Franklin and Gough streets to improve the flow of commute traffic and reduce the prevalence of crosswalk and intersection blocking. We are also proposing a small right turn pocket on Hayes Street, eastbound, approaching Gough Street – requiring the removal of two metered parking spaces. The new parking added to Gough Street around the corner will more than off-set the spaces removed – so we are hoping these changes result in a “win-win” for neighborhood safety, parking, and traffic flow.

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