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Discounts for Low Income Individuals and People Experiencing Homelessness


SFMTA offers a variety of discounts for People Experiencing Homelessness and People with Low Incomes in San Francisco

To learn about eligibility and how to apply, click the links below.


Discounts for People with Low Incomes

  • Discount on towing costs
  • Discount on boot costs
  • Adult Monthly Transit Pass for San Francisco residents (Lifeline)
  • Adult single ride discount (Clipper START)
  • Citation Payment Plan
  • Citation Community Service Program
  • Hearing Deposit Waiver

Discounts for People Experiencing Homelessness

  • One time removal of all towing costs
  • One-Time only, free removal of all open parking tickets on one vehicle
  • One time removal of all boot costs
  • Fare evasion ticket dismissal anytime
  • Remove all late penalties parking tickets issued to your vehicle
  • Access Pass – Ride Muni for free