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Muni Art 2021 - Kim Addonizio Poet Page

Cranes in August

They clutter the house, 
awkwardly folded, unable 
to rise. My daughter makes 
and makes them, having heard 
the old story: what we create 
may save us. I string 
a long line of them over 
the window. Outside 
the gray doves bring 
their one vowel to the air, 
the same sound 
from many throats, repeated.

“Cranes in August” by Kim Addonizio. All rights reserved. Reprinted with author’s permission.

Kim Addonizio

Headshot of Muni Art 2021 Poet Kim Addonizio

Kim Addonizio is the author of seven poetry collections, two novels, two story collections, and two books on writing poetry: The Poet’s Companion (with Dorianne Laux) and Ordinary Genius. Her poetry collection Tell Me was a finalist for the National Book Award. Her latest books are a poetry collection, Mortal Trash (W.W. Norton), and a memoir, Bukowski in a Sundress: Confessions from a Writing Life.

Artist Interpretations

Kundan Baidwan

Abstract image of scattered red, orange, yellow and green dots, denser toward the left, over a gray medium gray background covered with dark gray lines

Agustina Caprioglio

Posterized image of white and translucent doves on phone lines and purple, orange, red and translucent origami cranes in front of a purple, a red and an orange buildings and lined up in a window of the red building

John Keating

At night, a woman in a red jacket and hat sits in a green chair. Around her are cutout stars and red fabric balls. Outside the windows are a dove and buildings with construction cranes.

Deirdre Weinberg

Two doves nuzzle each other against a string of blue, red, green, and yellow origami cranes

Wes Wellner

Eleven origami cranes, each bearing multiple patterns in different colors over light blue background