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Muni Updates for Employers

Last updated September 21, 2021

Health and Safety on Muni

Your employees may worry about whether it is safe to ride Muni or other regional public transit for their commute to and from work. You can reassure them that no direct correlation has been found between use of public transit and transmission of COVID-19 (per APTA Global Research Report).

Additionally, SFMTA has been conducting a regular mask compliance survey which shows that mask compliance on Muni has consistently been around 95% throughout the pandemic. 

Muni Employee sanitizing a Muni vehicle with a sprayerMuni employee wiping down a Muni vehicle to sanitize it

While public transit ridership has shown no correlation with the rise or fall of local COVID-19 cases, we are still taking extra precautions to prevent exposure. If you have employees riding Muni or other forms of transit to work, remind them to follow public health guidance for a safe ride:

  1. Wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth while waiting for and riding Muni, as required by federal law
  2. Maintain distance from other passengers whenever possible — on the vehicle and at stops
  3. Travel at less busy times if you are able
  4. Allow for more travel time, be patient and wait for the next bus if it is full
  5. Stay home if you are sick

To the extent possible, allow flexibility with start times if your employees experience delays. 

Muni Service Updates 

In response to the pandemic, Muni service was reduced in order to focus limited resources on our most-used routes and serve critical connections like medical facilities. A series of service improvements prioritizing heavily used lines and citywide coverage has restored convenient and reliable transit access to serve resident and commuter needs. Service improvements will continue as re-opening continues, so check back often or sign up for Muni Alerts to stay up-to-date on transit service available to your employees.

Core bus routes currently operate daily from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. A reduced Owl network operates nightly from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.


Recent service improvements (August 14):

  • Muni service hours will be extended to midnight on 16 key routes to help people traveling later as the city reopens from the pandemic.
  • Bringing back Muni’s full late-night Owl network, providing service from midnight to 5 a.m
  • Extend Metro Bus hours to cover the time span between Owl and rail service.
  • Muni “school trippers” will run during morning peak school hours. 
  • Fully restoring the following routes: 
    • 5R Fulton Rapid 
    • 18 46th Avenue
    • 28 19th Avenue
    • 35 Eureka
    • 36 Teresita 
    • 39 Coit
    • 57 Parkmerced Extension
    • 48 Quintara/24th Street
    • 58 Lake Merced


  • Muni Metro service was restored in the subway, providing subway service at all stations from Embarcadero to West Portal.
  • The N Judah also returned to rail service, giving customers more room and fewer pass ups, as the two-car train increases the N Judah’s capacity.
  • F Market & Wharves service returned 7 days a week, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • A hilltop gap will be closed between Forest Hill and Glen Park with the temporary 36-52 Special Shuttle bus.
  • The new 15 Bayview Hunters Point Express and new routes for the 22 Fillmore and 55 Dogpatch have started. 
  • The T Third, 8AX Bayshore A Express and 27 Bryant have been restored as modified routes. 
  • The 33 Ashbury and 37 Corbett resumed their full routes.

For full up-to-date information on lines and schedules, you and your employees can sign up for Muni Alerts or find the most recent updates on our Muni Core Service Plan