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Please complete the form below. This form is for technical assistance with the MuniMobile app. To contact us about Muni service in general, please use our online Muni feedback form or call 311.
International Customers: Please enter "00000" as your billing Zip Code if using an international credit card. If your card provider requires AVS check then you will need to use another form of payment. The MuniMobile app currently does not support account creation and login for international customers (except in Northern America, Germany & India). Until this issue is resolved, feel free to download the app and use Trip Planner to plan your trips ahead of time. You may create a user account & purchase tickets here: Sign In - Muni Customer Portal ( Wait until you arrive in San Francisco to create a user account or purchase tickets on the app.
ATTN: The MuniMobile system requires you to login using the same method that you used to sign up for the account. You should only "Sign in with Apple", if that is the method that was used to create the account. This is applicable to "Sign in with Email", "Sign in with Google", and "Sign in with Facebook". If you do not use the same method, you will get a notification that the username and/or password is incorrect even if the username and password are the same as the method you are trying to use.

If this is a life-threatening situation, please call 911 immediately.

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