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From Friday, March 31 to Friday, April 7, the SFMTA is closing off a small segment of northbound Octavia Street, from Linden to Hayes streets, for the Octavia Open Street events that will experiment with opening this block for people who want to walk or bike more in the neighborhood. Through our ongoing community outreach work on the Octavia Boulevard Enhancement Project, we’ve heard a clear and consistent neighborhood interest in creating more public space and creating livability improvements near Patricia’s Green. 

Octavia Street at Hayes Street

This open streets event won’t just help us evaluate how a closure like this would work. It will highlight the overall public realm opportunities along this popular boulevard for everyone in the area.

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This is a spreadsheet describing the most recent activity of key projects taking place in the area surrounding the Balboa Park Station.

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In the era of prosperity after World War II, Americans envisioned a future where space-age technology would bring greater ease and comfort to everyday life. People would have robot pets, live in bubble houses and ride mass transit via silent and speedy monorails. San Francisco took its first steps towards that vision in the 1960s with the construction of the Muni Metro / Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) project to replace outdated streetcars with sleek trains that zip across town through the Market Street Subway.

Moving from streetcars to modern light rail vehicles (LRVs) was a trend among similar cities at the time. But Muni needed a special kind of vehicle that could serve both low-level platforms at its pre-existing stops on surface streets and high-level platforms in the new subway stations.

A mid-century style Muni light rail vehicle with orange stripes and the Muni worm logo is crossing the intersection at Church Street and Duboce Avenue. In the background a bright yellow building and late 1970s style vehicles are visible.
A first-generation Muni light rail vehicle, built by Boeing, on Duboce Avenue at Church Street. Known for both their funky paint schemes and frequent breakdowns, many residents remember these train cars with mixed feelings of nostalgia.

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The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) releases the following upcoming event-related traffic and transit impacts for this weekend, Saturday, March 25 through Monday, March 27, 2017.

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As Phase 2 of the Muni Metro Escalator Rehabilitation Project continues to make progress, construction will reach another benchmark. The system upgrades on the inbound escalator at Castro and the one at the east end of Powell will be completed by the end of March.

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Detailed accounts of recent major system delays. We apologize if you were inconvenienced by any of these delays and thank you for riding Muni. Incidents are posted on this page no earlier than the following regular business day.