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Information for contractors

Effective Date 
Friday, February 22, 2019 - 9:00am

The "Geary Bus Rapid Transit Project" was approved in 2017 and will be constructed in two separate projects. The first phase between Market and Stanyan streets is called the Geary Rapid Project, and the second phase between Stanyan Street and 34th Avenue is called the Geary Boulevard Improvement Project.

The Geary Rapid Project itself is comprised of four separate but coordinated construction contracts:

  • SFPUC's WW-674R Geary Boulevard Sewer and Water Improvements: Awarded to JMB Construction Inc. and currently under construction.
  • SFPW's 1000009581 Geary Rapid East of Van Ness: Advertised on 2/15/2019. Bids were due on 3/27/2019 and are under review. The scope of work is available on the Public Works website.
  • SFPW's 1000009584 Geary and Steiner Pedestrian Overcrossing Demolition: Anticipated advertisement in May 2019. Scope includes only the demolition of the overcrossing structure at Steiner Street.
  • SFPW's 10031776 Geary Rapid West of Van Ness: Anticipated advertisement in August 2019. Scope includes sidewalk/curb work and related drainage modifications, traffic signal work, cured-in-place lining (CIPL) sewer work, fiber optic conduit installation work, planting and landscaping work, and roadway repaving.

Interested contractors are welcome to reach out to the project team with questions at We appreciate your interest in this important project.

                                           Geary Rapid Project construction timeline